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[Your Name][Your Auction URL] [Organization / Sponsor Name / Logo Making a Difference…Together [Your Organization’s Logo]

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1 [Your Name][Your Auction URL] [Organization / Sponsor Name / Logo Making a Difference…Together [Your Organization’s Logo]

2 Our Challenge… To [OUTLINE CAUSE / FUNDRAISING GOAL] To broaden the reach to the largest possible # of donors Seek more efficient ways to raise more money To identify partners who share our concern for [CAUSE] and want to participate in a very unique fundraising event.

3 Our Solution… The [AUCTION NAME] Online Auction Auction Runs from [DATE] to [DATE] [CAUSE] [THEME] An exciting new approach to fundraising! The fun and excitement of a regular auction, but everyone can participate because it is on online. An easy-to-use online auction site built in partnership with cMarket, Inc.

4 Why Online Auction vs. Silent/Gaveled Auction? Traditional, in-person Auctions Are Inefficient Attendance is much less than total community. Lower bidding value (due to small bidding pool) Labor intensive, not ‘automated’ (especially silent auctions) The Benefits of Being Online Broad audience: Market to everyone in our community, quickly, easily and with greater frequency Reach out to new supporters Supplement live/silent auction activity Increase auction revenues by boosting participation rates Pass-along…“Refer a Friend” button promotes word of mouth! New & Valuable Sponsorship Opportunities … Winning Bid Boost feature allows winners to boost their winning bid in the name of philanthropy. Friends & Family Community Event Audience

5 What Does It Mean To Be A Sponsor? Align Your Organization with a Worthy Cause: Get direct access, through email messages over several weeks, to an active and engaged community of over [X] members … (that’s not even counting the number who join as word is passed along to friends and family). A great tool for brand recognition and cause marketing! How [SPONSOR] Benefits: Valuable publicity and promotional opportunities Ideal for product intro/trial/promotion Interactive, low-cost marketing [AUCTION NAME] Online Auction … just a ‘click away’ from your auction website!

6 Value for [SPONSOR NAME] Interactive communications Corporate logo and active web link Constituency can reach your web site, in just one click “Personal” marketing Repeat auction communications over several weeks, directly into constituency’s email inboxes Link/Logo is seen in email whether or not recipient chooses to click into auction! Positive cause marketing association Extend reach to a larger community Planned Impressions

7 Email Communications Directly delivered into the inboxes of the constituency Event and Organization’s Messaging Featured Auction Items Highlight Sponsor with link and logo

8 Auction Homepage [ORGANIZATION]’s logo and direct link to the web page of your choice will be featured on the auction’s front page.

9 Sample Communications Calendar Throughout the course of the auction, [ORGANIZATION] will be sending weekly emails along with a variety of other marketing and publicity to to increase participation and drive traffic to the site. As a sponsor, you will have the opportunity to participate and be featured. Announcement Email - "Tell Your Friends" & Donation Solicitationday-month-year "Auction Open In 7 Days" Emailday-month-year "Auction Now Open" Emailday-month-year Auction Update Emailday-month-year Auction Update Emailday-month-year Auction Update Emailday-month-year "Last Chance" Notice Emailday-month-year Auction Closesday-month-year Auction Thank You Emailday-month-year

10 Web-based application – accessible 24/7/365 Easy to use template-driven system allowing [org name] to create and manage the entire online auction Built-in communication system to create, send, and manage emails and email lists Real-time reporting Nominal, annual setup fee & a percentage of the proceeds for the items placed with the online auctions The cMarket Auction Platform has been used by hundreds of both small and large local and national organizations. About Our Auction Platform, cMarket, Inc.

11 An Inside Opportunity When you donate a major item to the auction, your name and logo can also be inside the auction catalog, as well as the homepage and emails! We can even assist in securing interesting items for you to donate through cMarket Place™, our online consignment store…

12 [Auction Name] Online Auction [open date] – [close date] [Auction URL] The Right Opportunity for [SPONSOR]!

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