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Exam format Unidad 4 etapa 2

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1 Exam format Unidad 4 etapa 2
Listening (20 points) Reading (20 points) Vocabulary and grammar (20 points) Writing (20 points) Speaking (20 points)

2 Listening comprehension
Listen to a conversation between Cecilia and Claudia about buying gifts. Choose which items she wants to buy. Strategy: review all chapter vocabulary, especially the words relating to shopping.

3 Reading comprehension
Read about a trip that Juan and his grandmother take to the market. Respond to five true/false sentences about the reading Respond to two opinion questions: Juan está muy contento al final de la historia. ¿Por qué? ¿Admira Juan a su abuela? ¿Por qué? Strategy: review all chapter vocabulary

4 Vocabulary and grammar
Vocabulary: choose the word in a group of four that does not go with the others. Then categorize the remaining items. Strategy: study chapter vocabulary Stem-changing verbs: Choose words from a word bank to complete sentences. Verbs must be correctly conjugated. Strategy: study the stem-changing verbs p. 278

5 Indirect object pronouns:
Use the verb dar and indirect object pronouns to say what gifts Robert gives to others. Strategy: Review dar p. 282 and indirect object pronouns p. 281. Use the verb phrase acabar de comprar and indirect object pronouns to say what Ana María just bought for her friends. Strategy: review placement of indirect object pronouns p. 284.

6 Writing Write a note to your mother telling her how much money you need to buy birthday gifts for three friends. Include the following information: Who the people are and what you are going to buy them Where you are going to buy the gifts How much the gifts cost and how you are going to pay

7 Speaking Look at a drawing of a market stand and record your answers to the following questions: ¿Cuánto cuestan las pulseras? ¿Cómo son los anillos? ¿Qué puedes comprar aquí? Imagínate que soy tu amigo(a). ¿Qué me compras aquí?

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