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English Maths ScienceFrench Music Art and design History Geography Drama PEIT/ICT.

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2 English Maths ScienceFrench Music Art and design History Geography Drama PEIT/ICT

3 MondaysTuesdaysWednesdaysThursdaysFridays 9-10 10-11 ------ 11:30-12:30 12:30-13:30 ----- 15:00-16:00 break

4 campaign

5 Emma loves watching Hollyoaks She likes watching The Simpsons She doen ´t like watching Eastenders She loves listening to McFly She hates rap She likes going shopping with friends She doesn ´t like playing computer games

6 Education The system 2. Fill in the gaps using the prompts. You have got the initial letters. 1. At the age of 3 children go to n ________ s ________ 2. When they are 5 they go to p _________ s ________ 3. When they are 11 they go to secondary school. There´re two types: g ________ or c _________ 4. At the age of 16 they leave school to get a job or continue studying at the same school or go to a c _______ for v ____________ training 5. Some people go to p _______ schools that in fact they are not state schools, they are private. 6. Students are called p _______ and they have l _________ and after some lessons they have b _________one in the morning and the other one after lunch. 7. At the age of 18, students go to university, where they t_________ notes from the teacher who gives a l __________ on a specific subject. 8. At the end of every t _______, students do or t _______ exams and those who have studied p ______ but if they didn ´t revise enough they ´d f ______ If you are at university and pass your exams you get your d _______ 9. The English system of grades is: ______________________________ Nursery school primary school grammar comprehensive collegevocational public pupils lessons breaks takes lecture term take pass fail degree A,B,C,D,E,F

7 The systemWhen 11When 16UniversityEvery term 3-6 _________ 6-11 ________ 12-16 ______ 16- 18 _______ 18 - … _______ Exam and then P __________ E __________: G ____ and C ______ P ________ L _______ B _______ G _________ 1.A ______ 2. V ____ T _____ L _______ P _______ T ____ N ____ L ______ D ______ T ______ P _____ / F _____ G _____ : A,B, C, D, E,F Nursery school Primary Secondary Postcompulsor y education university Public school State school Grammar Comprehensive Pupils Lessons breaks GCSE A-levels Vocational training Lecturer Professor Take notes Lecture Degree take/sit/ do exams Pass Fail Grades

8 swim danceskate drive Cycle / ride a bike fly Download music Speak a foreign language sing draw Use a computer Play an instrument


10 are whereis has what have does What time do

11 listening blindEdinburgh Successful athlete gold Blindness affect Run with a guide Enjoy Continue running, definitely paralympics inspire

12 spoon fork knife Table mat Dish/plate napkin tablecloth chopsticks bowl Salt pot Pepper pot A glass of wine A pint of beer steak Waistcoat

13 Open conversation Waiter: Good afternoon You: good afternoon. ___________ have the menu please?.I´ve ______ an appointment at 2 o´clock. I´m in _________ Waiter: (aquí tiene) ________________. What __________ like to have? You: __________ some melon, please Waiter: Melon. Yes, and for the ______________(segundo plato) You: ____________________ (quiero un filete), please? Waiter: ____________________________(¿Cómo le quiere?)?. _______ ___________________ (hecho, en su punto o muy hecho)? You: well-done, please. Waiter:___________________ (¿Algo más?)? You: Yes, Could I ______an orange for _________ (postre) Waiter: of course, _______________ (señor, señora). Can/ could Igot a hurry Here you areWould you I´d like Main course I´d like a steak How would you like it? Rare, medium or well-done Anything else? have dessert Sir/ ma´amI

14 Tortilla = O_________ I don ´t know we´re very B ______ at lunchtime Tiene razón = Y _______ Barry and Angel are C ______ (= clientes) What was their first Elección= C ______? No la quiero = _________________ The waiter wasn ´t P _______ (= rude) ¿Y de segundo plato? _______ for the main course Carne en lata= T ____ meat Object we use for a finished cigarette A _____ No tenemos/ no nos queda= It´s __________ ¿De quién era el dedo? ¿Está esta mesa libre? __________________? No la va a querer= ___________________ Patatas fritas is chips but it´s also C _____ omelette Customers Polite ashtray Is this table free? Busy Choice What about …? Off the menu You wouldn ´t You are right I wouldn ´t Tinned meat Whose finger was it? crisps


16 Translation A: ¿Nos apuntamos a las clases extraescolares? B: iVale!: ¿Y qué hacemos? A: ¿Qué te parece … B: lo siento, no puedo los viernes. Estoy liado A: iVale!. Hagamos teatro entonces. B: ¿Teatro?. ¿Qué dices?. Odio el teatro. A: ¿Por qué no vamos a … B: Buena idea. ¿Cuándo es eso? A: Los jueves a las … B: Fenómeno. ¿Hacemos algo más también Shall we sign up for after-school activities? Ok. What shall we do? How about …? I´m sorry, I can´t on Fridays. I´m busy Ok. Let´s do drama then Drama?. No way. I hate drama Why dont we go to …? Good idea!. When is that? On Thursdays at … Great!. Shall we do something else as well?

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