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They´re aluminium cans They´re plastic cartons

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1 They´re aluminium cans They´re plastic cartons
bag tins cans cartons paper metal aluminium plastic It´s a paper bag They´re metal tins They´re aluminium cans They´re plastic cartons jars box bottles glass carboard plastic They´re glass jars They´re plastic bottles It´s a cardboard box

2 Throw that plastic bag away
free counties town Billion plastic bags county shopkeepers biodegradable Cardboard boxes resident thousands Such as Much worse returned Convinced her town using Throw that plastic bag away take disappear

3 England has 82 C ________ and Devon is a C ______
Modbury is the first bag- F _______ town in Europe S __________ (= people who sell goods) will give you B _________ bags or you´ll have to go with C ______ B ____ to the supermarket Rebecca is a Modbury R ________. She knows that plastic kills animals S ______ A ____ (= tales como) and C ________ her town not to use plastic bags. If people don´t take action now, the situation will get M _____ W _______ (= mucho peor) counties county free shopkeepers biodegradable Cardboard boxes resident Such as convinced much worse

4 ¿Qué pasa si …? What if … if+present, I will + infinitive
Si le acaricio Me muerde If I stroke it, It will bite me If I don´t stroke it, It won ´t bite me 2-a 3-d 4-e 5-b 6-f will it bite me? If I stroke it,

5 If I throw plastic bags away, they´ll take 1000 years to disappear
Si tiro bolsas, tardarán 1000 años en desaparecer Si los animales comen bolsas , se morirán Si los animales se mueren, no podremos comer carne Si no podemos comer carne, no tendremos suficientes proteínas Si no tenemos suficientes proteínas, tendremos cáncer Si tenemos cancer, moriremos If we have cáncer, we´ll die If we don ´t have enough proteins, we´ll have cancer If animals eat plastic bags, they will die If animals die, we won´t eat meat If we can ´t eat meat, we won´t have enough proteins

6 what´s GCSE? General Certificate of Secondary Education choose
13 or 14 In addition compulsory TAHMS 2. EHGORAGPY 3. IRTHOSY 4. RAT 5. EP 6. CNECSEI 7. SIMCU 8. NISGELH 9. EHNFCR 10. HOGTCEYNLO 11.NEOCCIOSM 1. Maths 2.Geography 3. History 4. Art 5. PE 6. Science 7. Music 8. English 9. French 10.Technology 11.economics

7  EDUCATION A) The system 1. At the age of 3 children go to n ____________ s ________ 2. When they are 5 they go to p _________ s ________ 3. When they are 11 they go to secondary school. There´re two types: g _________ or c _____________ 4. At the age of 16 they leave school to get a job or continue studying at the same school or go to a c _______ for v _____________ training 5. Some people go to p ___________ schools that in fact they are not state school they are private. 6. Students are called p _______ and they have l ______ and after some lessons they have b __________one in the morning and the other one after lunch. 7. At the age of 18, students go to university, where they t______ notes from the teacher who gives a l _______ on a specific subject. 8. At the end of every t _______, students do or t _____ exams and those who have studied p _______but if they didn ´t revise enough they ´d f ______ If you are at university and pass your exams you get your a d _______ 9. English system of grades are: ______________________________ nursery school primary school grammar comprehensive college Vocational public pupils lessons breaks take lecture term take pass fail degree A, B, C, D, E, F

8 Dumping industrial waste Cutting down of rainforests recycling
Smoke from factories Exhaust fumes CFC Dumping industrial waste Cutting down of rainforests recycling ozone global acid exhaust industrial tropical bank resources

9 environment pollution Ozone layer caused Global warming Acid rain bank recycle protect plant save waste destroy waste Cut down

10 We talked about … 1.Pollution and … 2. The s _____ from factories
3. The e______ fumes from vehicles 4. And C ______ s 5. And about industrial w _____ 6. And tropical r _________ 7. About bottle b ______ 8. And aboout the ozone l ______ 9. And about global w ______ 10. A type of rain a _____ 11. And we revised about two types of schools for 11-year-olds G ______/ c _________ 12. Y modulos de FP= V ______ T __ 13. And alumnos or p ____ 14. Lecciones= L _____ or L _____ 15. aprobar= P _____ / supender= F _____/ notas= G _____ / licenciatura= d ______ / Física; economía = _____ And environment Smoke Exhaust CFCs Waste Rainforests Banks Layer Warming Acid Grammar and comprehensive Vocational training Pupils Lessons / lectures (at university) Pass / fail / grades / degree / Physics; Economics


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