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Basic Computer Components

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1 Basic Computer Components
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2 Computer An electronic device that accepts raw data and processes it into information that is useful. Must have hardware and software

3 Hardware Electronic and mechanical devices in a computer system
Computer equipment that can be seen and touched Examples: keyboard, monitor, computer (processor) and printer

4 Keyboard An arrangement of letters, numbers, and special function keys
Primary input device Standard Name for a keyboard is QWERTY

5 Mouse An input device Allows user to manipulate objects on the screen by moving the mouse

6 Monitor Display device that performs an image by converting electrical signals from the computer into points of colored light on the screen

7 Software Software- Instructions that tell the computer what to do
Application Software – helps carry out tasks such as creating documents, crunching numbers and editing photographs System Software – computer’s operating system, device drivers, and utilities

8 Examples of Software Application Software System Software Spreadsheet
Microsoft Excel Database Microsoft Access Presentation Microsoft PowerPoint Word Processing Microsoft Word Music Window Media Player Real Player Photo Editing Photoshop Paint Communication System Software Operating System Windows* (this is what we have in our labs at NMMS) DOS Mac OS Linux UNIX Device Drivers Utilities Programming Languages

9 Data Numbers, words, symbols, or alphabetic characters that are put into the computer

10 Input Devices Piece of hardware that helps the computer accept data Examples: Keyboard Mouse Scanner Digital Camera

11 Processor Processes data into useful information
Most important component of a computer Known as CPU (Central Processing Unit) Brain of the computer Largest chip on the motherboard

12 Storage Device Hardware device that stores data
Also known as a secondary storage device Both input and output Main one we use is USB

13 Output Device Hardware device that lets user see data being input or final document Displays, prints, or transmits the results of processing from the computer memory Example: Printer, monitor, speakers

14 Main Memory Where data and instructions are stored during processing by the processor Two types of main memory RAM (Random Access Memory) ROM (Read-only Memory)

15 RAM Random Access Memory
A kind of main memory that stores instructions and data while the computer power is on. Memory is lost when power is off. You can change RAM. Can be lost easily Temporary storage

16 ROM Read-Only Memory A kind of main memory not lost when power is off.
Can read ROM, but can’t change it ROM holds instructions for computer that are necessary for it to work Permanent storage

17 Bytes A unit of measurement of memory
Amount of space used to save one character or one value Kilobytes (KB) – 1 thousand bytes Megabyte (MG) – 1 million bytes Gigabytes (GB) – 1 billion bytes 8 bits = 1 byte

18 Hard Disk Primary Storage device/permanent fixture
Sealed inside the computer. Data found faster on hard disk than any other storage device

19 Motherboard Main circuit board of a computer

20 Printer Produces a paper copy or hard copy
Remember if it is not printed, it is a soft copy

21 Modem Stands for Modulator-demodulator
Device that connects your computer to a standard telephone jack so you can communicate

22 Port The place that allows other devices (keyboard or monitor) to plug in to work with the computer You can also plug in USB into a port

23 Other stuff you need to know!
Shortcuts for underline, bold, italics, print, save, new document, page break, copy, paste, and cut Homerow keys Grammar mistakes are represented by a green squiggly line Spelling mistakes are represented by a red squggly line What we use each program in Microsoft Office for

24 Other stuff you need to know
Vocabulary Worksheet that includes: Desktop Recycle Bin GUI Task Bar Wallpaper Title Bar Icon Tool bar Control Panel Windows Scroll bar

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