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Presented by: Brandon Ashley. Introductory Information Name: Aaron Weldy I chose to interview Aaron Weldy from ADM since he has a job directly related.

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1 Presented by: Brandon Ashley

2 Introductory Information Name: Aaron Weldy I chose to interview Aaron Weldy from ADM since he has a job directly related to the marketing business. From here on out, you will read about his daily activities, as well as his previous work experience and a typical day at work.

3 Aaron Weldy is currently an employee at ADM, based at a location in Decatur, IL He is currently employed under a research division group named the “Sample Room”, and he holds the title of supervisor.

4 Skills  The skills Aaron currently possesses for his current role include: ○ Ability to efficiently manage time when stress is high ○ Strong ability to multi-task ○ Knowledge of all Agri-products made by ADM -This is very helpful in his current role in order to ensure the correct product samples are being sent to ADM’s customers around the world in a timely manner.

5 Talents  Being the supervisor of a sample distribution center requires certain talents to achieve success. The talents Aaron possesses in order to succeed are:  Strong people skills  A fast and adaptable learner  Excellent work ethic  Common sense ( the ability to work out real life problems on the job)

6 Education and Prior Experience  Aaron is currently enrolled in the PACE program at Millikin University. His focus is on Organizational Leadership.  The supervisor position is typically expected to hold a bachelors degree, regardless of the focus. Aaron was required to sign a document stating he would finish his degree upon taking the supervisor role.  Aaron’s prior work experience includes: Supervisor at Kroger – 5 years ADM Mail Room – 6 years ADM Sample Room – 3 years ADM Sample Room Supervisor – 4 years.

7 Marketing Role  ADM is on of the largest producers of agricultural bi-products in the world. The sample room is responsible for sending samples to customers for testing and reassurance prior to the final purchasing of the products made by ADM. The role of the sample room is essential in meeting customer’s needs, and to compete with other company’s operating in the same market. ADM strives to satisfy their customers, and the sample room is at the front of the line as far as product selection, fast sample delivery, and customer satisfaction are concerned.

8 Career Level & Time in current Job  Aaron currently holds the title of Sample Room Supervisor. This is a middle-level career position. The title does not imply an entry level position, but more of an advanced middle-management position that will oversee operations, as well as a small group of employees.  Aaron’s has been an employee at ADM for 13 years, 4 of which have been dedicated to his current role.

9 Number and Variety of Employees  The supervisor position currently oversees 4 other employees, all of which are working under the research division at ADM. Each employee is in a separate age group, ranging from 26 years old to 63 years old. The 4 employees range from entry level hourly positions to professional mid-level career positions.

10 Organizational Chart/Reporting Personnel  As Aaron is currently employed under the research division in the sample room, he reports to the Director of Technical Service Food Ingredients from Research.  The organizational chart for ADM’s research division is not readily available. The sample room is a subsidiary of the research division, which is ultimately a division of ADM corporate

11 A Typical Workday  Aaron starts his workday off with a review of meetings and discussions with his employees. He answers new emails and returns phone calls before heading to research for his daily meetings, which typically include talk of special projects and deadlines that must be met. Aaron returns to the sample room and speaks with his employees about daily work orders, such as sample requests, and reviews their plan of action. After sample retrieval is completed, Aaron is responsible for reviewing all shipments before they are finalized to ensure correct shipping charges have been placed, and the correct product is going to the customer who requested it. Finally, Aaron is responsible for ensuring all products were picked up for shipping at the end of the day and that all samples were logged in an effort to maintain shipping record backups in case any information was needed after the shipment.  The sample room does complete special projects, which Aaron is responsible for overseeing. These special projects are typically quarterly, and can range from 1 day to 1 week in time.

12 Salary Range/Future Expectations  The Sample Room Supervisor holds a base salary between $40,000 and $55,000, not including benefits offered at ADM. Aaron is currently expecting to maintain the same position for quite some time. With the completion of his degree at Millikin University, he does not intend to leave his position. This leaves his 5 year goal as maintaining the same role within the company.

13 Definition of Marketing  In Aaron’s words, his definition of marketing is the advertising and selling of goods and products to customers in a manner that promotes what is being offered for sale. Marketing is a successful message delivered to potential customers to try our product, or to gain more information in an effort to sway their bias towards our company.

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