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1.02 Understand career opportunities in marketing to make career decisions.

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1 1.02 Understand career opportunities in marketing to make career decisions.

2 Explain why jobs in marketing provide career potential  Marketing is one of the fastest growing fields with approximately one third of the U.S. population employed in some marketing-related occupation. It offers exciting opportunities for dynamic, creative people.  The great thing about marketing is it is a function that is needed in every company in every industry, so career potential is unlimited. Careers in marketing are unlimited! They are very diverse and offer many possibilities.

3 Explain why jobs in marketing provide career potential (cont.)  Marketing skills are useful in any career because they involve understanding business, as well as relating & communicating effectively with others. These are basic skills that employers expect from all levels of employees.

4 Career Areas in Marketing Marketing Research Advertising Product Management Distribution/Warehousing Sales Retailing Service Marketing Customer Service Public Relations

5 Describe the following marketing careers: Marketing research – (the “Sherlock Holmes” of marketing.) These investigators look for clues to what customers need and want as well as why customers do what they do. They accomplish this by targeting a specific group of people and collecting information about their attitudes, values, needs and demographics. Researchers tools include- questionnaires, phone surveys, interviews,etc.


7 Advertising – Inform consumers about products, companies, and/or ideas. Product management – Product managers use the information gathered by researchers and advertisers to “give life” to the final products. They create, test, and decide how a product will be packaged. This must be accomplished in a timely, cost-effective manner by directing and coordinating all aspects of the product. Distribution/Warehousing – Otherwise known as Channel Management. – Physically links products with consumers. – Distributors plan and direct the transportation of final goods. – Examples: – The latest teen magazine getting to the local stores, CD’s going from the producer to the store shelves.


9 Sales – The “relationship managers” of marketing. – Professional salespeople are expected to understand customers’ needs and assist in marketing those needs. – They explain the benefits of products or services, provide further information, answer questions, and/or help customers set up accounts. – To do this successfully, they must be experts in the goods/services they sell and be able to develop long-term relationships with customers. – There are different types of sales people: – Some sell raw materials, parts or equipment to other businesses that will use them in making products – Others provide finished products to businesses – Some salespeople sell directly to consumers

10 Retailing – Retail professionals provide products directly to the ultimate consumer. They order, inspect, price, and track goods in the store and determine what needs to be ordered. They may also measure profits and losses by observing and recording sales acitivity. Retail employees also develop intriguing merchandise displays to attract customers into their stores. Retailer examples: Walmart, The Gap, TJMaxx, etc.


12 Service marketing – – Services are acts that satisfy wants and needs. – They are intangible items. You cannot hold, see, smell or take them with you after purchase. – Most of us use service marketers everyday: hospitals, postal services, beauty salons, athletic clubs or gyms, hotels, airlines, bus rides, employment services and schools

13 Customer service – Excellent customer service professionals provide the competitive edge that makes for a successful company. They process orders, respond to customer questions on product availability and delivery, handle complaints and returns Customer service professionals work in many different areas of a company: sales, order processing, credit, marketing, or product/service development.


15 Public relations – Public relations professionals are the “advocates” for a company. They strive to build and maintain positive relationships with the public- including other businesses, employees, and people outside the company. Tasks include: anticipating problems, handling complaints, communicating with the media, and building a company’s image. Public relations professional must be able to speak and write clearly and persuasively.


17 Well-recognized traits and skills needed for success in marketing careers People Skills Communication Skills Decision-making Skills Creativity People Knowledge Math Skills Technological Know How

18 Let’s see how you do…. How About Some Review Questions?

19 What marketing career involves determining why customers do what they do? 1-Advertising 2-Distribution/Warehousing 3-Sales 4-Marketing research

20 What marketing career involves catching customers' attention, informing them of products and persuading them to buy? 1-Marketing research 2-Product management 3-Public relations 4-Advertising

21 Kwacky Kwackers needs a new package design for its crackers. What marketing professional would be responsible for creating the new package? 1-Marketing research 2-Product management 3-Advertising 4-Channel management

22 What is at the center of all marketing activities? 1-Math 2-Technological know-how 3-Purchasing 4-Communication

23 Choose one Marketing Career Area: Marketing Research Advertising Product Management Distribution/Warehousing Sales Retailing Service marketing Customer service Public relations Create a Poster or with permission a PPT/Prezi including the following: Name of the marketing career you chose 3 skills and talents 3 job and employment opportunities 3-5 career facts and information (main duties & job responsibilities)

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