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Well known high street. Chains Small independent shops Elite fashion brands.

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2 Well known high street. Chains Small independent shops Elite fashion brands.

3 Products Décor Lay out Ambience Visual Merchandising Staff

4 dealing with customers and selling goods, handling payments, making sure that the goods are attractively displayed, offering advice and answering questions, managing stock availability, helping with special promotions, ordering stock and overseeing deliver

5 In contrast, as a sales assistant, you would spend much more time on your feet serving customers and dealing with enquiries. You might also have specific tasks, such as taking customers' measurements. By its very nature, fashion is glamorous, high profile, fast moving and ever changing. The emphasis is on style and the individual brand values of your organization. It's also your responsibility to reflect these, both in the way you act and the way you look.

6 In smaller stores, your day-to-day jobs will be more varied than a large High Street outlet, and may include activities such as window display and receiving deliveries. Decision-making ability and a sense of responsibility A 'passion for fashion' A good, even stylish appearance and dress sense Entry

7 Customer related issues will also be your concern, from ensuring standards for quality, customer service and health and safety to handling complaints and queries. At times, you may need to even serve them as well. Special promotions, displays and events

8 They take great pride in their presentation, reflecting the Store image. They possess excellent product knowledge, and explain the product or services in simple terms that the Customer can understand. They determine the Customers needs by asking questions. They listen to all the answers very carefully. They are patient, courteous, and focus on the Customers. They are passionate on the Store floor and believe in the product they are selling.

9 They are happy to demonstrate a variety of products, to ensure you consider all options. They ask for your opinion. They talk to you openly and with a genuine interest They assist by finding product to suit your needs or searching for an alternative.

10 They are willing to answer all questions including any objections by acquiring extra information that will satisfy the Customer and enable them to make an educated decision. They encourage Customers to return to the Store. They build a good rapport and follow up on requests.

11 A smile/ friendliness Product knowledge Courtesy Flexible Efficient Helpful A fun, welcoming atmosphere Positive attitude Being a good listener Knowledge of company and in Store procedures

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