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Review CTAE-FS-10 Managing your academic career plans and employee relations.

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1 Review CTAE-FS-10 Managing your academic career plans and employee relations

2 The Job Application  Paperwork (often online) you fill out before the interview or during the hiring process  Gives employers the 1 st look at you  3 things an applications shows about you, Do You:  Have the ability to prepare & think ahead  Have the ability to follow instructions  Have the ability to complete a document neatly

3 The Job Application  Follow all directions and read carefully. Fill out every section and sign the application.  Write NA (not applicable) if the information does not apply  Write neatly in blue or black ink only. Type if possible.  References should not be related to you and should be able to talk about the quality of your work & work ethic.  Be honest!

4 The Job Application  List salary as open or research the salary and provide a range that is appropriate for the job.  Should be neat, wrinkle, and stain free.  Keep all information on file for other applications.  Dress for success when turning in applications or checking the status of an application. Ask to speak with the manager or decision maker.  Follow up with phone calls, emails, and/or visits after submitting your application.

5 The Cover Letter Uses:  Links name & application  Applicants interest  Knowledge of org.  Additional info.  Emphasizes skills, background & strengths  Special circumstances  Follow-up plan Cover Letter MUST be:  Free of errors  Standard business letter format  Quality paper  Addressed to an individual

6 The Resume  Employers want to know how well you did your job, skills & experience, strengths & accomplishments  The GOAL: include enough information to get an interview (then you can expand)  Points to remember:  Focus on the requirements of the job  Put your important assets in the “prime space”

7 Your Resume  On your resume, you may list…  Personal contact information  Objective statement  Education  Work experience  Awards, honors, and achievements  Volunteer projects and involvement  Leadership roles in extracurricular activities  Special skills that differentiate you in the job field  Languages written & spoken other than English

8 Your Resume All students can include:  Objective  Education  Related Course Work  Computer Skills  Career Skills or Key Competencies  Interests/Hobbies  Activities Other Considerations  Uniform Formatting  1 Full page  1 Line of space between sections  Easy to read fonts

9 Resume - Objective Statement  In one sentence, briefly state your goal and the type of job you would like to be considered for. Examples:  General retail position: To gain an understanding of how to provide good customer service and to obtain knowledge of the day-to-day operations of (industry/type of service).  Part time position: Responsible high school student with a genuine love for animals seeking part-time employment with a veterinary hospital to better understand animals and their owners in preparation for veterinary school.  Changes for different types of jobs  Not always needed - often for HS students or entry level

10 Before The Interview  Practice, Practice, Practice  Do your research  Prepare questions to ask the interviewers:  What have past employees done to succeed in this position?  What have you enjoyed most about working here?  Dress for Success  Business Causal  Professional Dress

11 During The Interview  Arrive at least 15 minutes early  Leave or silence cell phones.  Be pleasant to EVERYONE and Smile!  Greet with a firm handshake and smile.  Wait for the interviewer to offer you a seat.  Sit up straight, sit slightly forward, feet flat on floor or crossed at the ankles.  Shake hands again as you exit and thank the interviewer(s) for their time.

12 After The Interview  Send a Thank You note  Follow up (if you don’t hear anything)  Call  Email  Visit ?

13 Assignments

14 Directions: Divide a sheet of paper into 4 sections labeled as below. Write 5 facts about each based on the PPT. ApplicationCover letter ResumeInterview

15 TOD Answer the following questions on a sheet of notebook paper. Place in the box at the end of the period.  1 - What role does research play in the job search process? Provide examples.  2 - What type of information should be included on a resume?  3 - What are the uses of a cover letter?  4 - What 3 things should a job application show about you?  5 - Write a sample objective statement for a position at a marketing firm seeking HS business students as interns.

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