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ATHENA Student Accounts Orientation. Contact Information Website: Address: or Location: 424 E.

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1 ATHENA Student Accounts Orientation

2 Contact Information Website: Email Address: or Location: 424 E. Broad St. Athens, GA 30602 Phone: (706) 542-2965


4 Calendar and Payment Deadlines Spring 2015 Dates to Remember: 1 st Due Date: December 12, 2014 2 nd Due Date: January 9, 2015 Cancellation: January 20, 2015 Late Fees Reinstatement

5 Tuition and Fee Schedules Select the Tuition and Fee Schedules tab on Student fees are based on the campus of the student’s primary program of study. Tuition charged per semester Flat Tuition Rate 6 or less hrs. $2,552/$7,952 More than 6 hrs. $4,295/$13,400

6 Athens Campus Student Fees

7 ATHENA Student Account Centralized electronic billing system for University charges Tuition, Housing, Food Services, Parking, etc. Authorized user access Refund Direct Deposit

8 Notification Methods NO paper bills CHECK ON A REGULAR BASIS!

9 ATHENA Student Account login Access ATHENA Student Account at


11 Permission to Pay Federal Financial Aid Funds are automatically used to pay ATHENA Student Account Charges for charges related to Tuition and Fees, Course and Lab Fees, Residence Hall Rent, Food Service Plans and Parking Permits when a balance is available. Permission to Pay allows you to authorize your Federal Financial Aid (Pell, SEOG, William D. Ford Sub and Unsub Loans, Perkins) to Pay for ‘other’ charges such as miscellaneous fees, returned checks, parking, late fees, health insurance, etc. If you wish to allow the University to apply your Federal Financial Aid to pay these ‘other’ student account charges, you have the option to choose “pay current aid year” and/or “pay prior award year up to $200.” Select “Authorize” for your choices and “Submit”



14 eBills Serves as a statement of previous month’s activity Only as current as date listed at top of statement Amount due will be composed of eBills and Recent Account Activity


16 Recent Account Activity Activity since the last statement generated will be on the Recent Account Activity tab Important: check eBills and Recent Account Activity near due dates for any new charges Student will receive an email each time there is activity on their ATHENA Student Account


18 Authorized Users Student has ability to setup Authorized Users to allow access to view and pay bills Authorized User will receive email with instructions on setting up access Authorized Users DO NOT receive account specific emails


20 Webcheck Pay online using bank account info No fee associated Payment reflects immediately Store multiple bank accounts


22 Direct Deposit Only one account may be selected for direct deposit of overpayments and financial aid Fastest way to receive refund! This returns any over-payment or excess financial aid to the student more securely.

23 Payment Options Check or Money Order by mail Check, Cash, or Money Order in our office Online using credit card Accept Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and VISA 2.75% convenience fee, minimum of $3.00 Online using webcheck with no fee


25 Welcome to UGA! Student Accounts representatives are available by phone, e-mail, or in person to assist you with any questions you may have about your account or your billing.

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