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S tudent B usiness O ffice Presented by Bob Putich Lynn Plancich.

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2 S tudent B usiness O ffice Presented by Bob Putich Lynn Plancich

3 Student Business Office Old Main 110

4 Student Business Office Old Main 110

5 Assist Students in Managing their Student Account Every student has a Student Account (online) Tuition, Housing, Bookstore, Other Process Payments Online – Mail – In Person Produce Monthly Statement of Account Online Only – No Paper Bills Email Notification What do we do?

6 Assess Late Fees and Interest Third Friday of Each Month Process Student Account Refunds Credit Balance Refund ACH Direct Deposit to your bank account Student Debt Counseling Loan Repayment information Exit Counseling Past Due Debt Collection What do we do?

7 What is included Tuition, mandatory fees, on-campus housing, meal plans, bookstore charges, and most other campus charges Current Month Activity Detail and Monthly Statements Record of Payments and Saved Payment Methods Financial Aid such as Student Loans, Grants and Scholarships Refunds What is Your Student Account?

8 What is not included Library fees and fines Parking fees and fines Some course fees Registration is linked to Billing If you add/drop a class a charge or credit may post to your account What is Your Student Account?

9 WWU does NOT send bills or invoices! Activity is posted to your Student Account and can be accessed online at any time. You do NOT get a Bill

10 Pay tuition, fees, housing and meal charges by the first day of each quarter. Pay charges resulting from schedule changes immediately. Monitor your account for miscellaneous charges throughout the quarter – Pay as you go. Students Responsibilities

11 Review statements posted to your student account each month. Be familiar with important dates and deadlines Communicate with other payers. Students Responsibilities


13 Tuition and Fees Housing and Meal Plans are due the: Important Dates and Deadlines are available on the Student Business Office website When is my Payment Due?

14 $40 Late Fee – applied monthly 1% Interest – applied monthly Late Fee Assessment Day Third Friday of each Quarter Third Friday of each Month Avoid Late Fees, Interest and Account Holds Quarter1 st Day of TermLate Fee Assessed Fall Winter Spring September 26 January 8 April 2April 19 January 25 October 12

15 Pay Tuition and Fees by First Day of Quarter Pay Miscellaneous Charges as they occur Monitor your Financial Aid for timely payment Contact your Student Business Office Avoid Late Fees, Interest and Account Holds

16 E-check Through CASHNet – NO fees! Credit Card MasterCard – American Express – Discover 2.75% Convenience Fee (charged by service provider not WWU) WWU does NOT accept VISA credit cards Pay Online Quick, Easy, Convenient and Secure

17 Mail Check or Money Order (allow up to 7 days for processing) Student ID # must appear on check or money order Send to: Western Washington University 516 High St, MS-9004 Bellingham, WA 98225 In person at the Student Business Office Old Main 110, Monday-Friday 9:00am-4:30pm Cash, check or debit card Bill Pay functions like a paper check in the mail Allow 14 days when ordering GET Other Payment Options

18 Students can access their Student Account by logging into their myWestern on the Western homepage. Authorized Users can pay tuition by clicking on the Pay Bills link on the Western homepage.

19 Here’s what the Online Student Account page looks like.

20 Authorized User/Payer Your Student must set up all Authorized Users through their Student Account online Release for Financial Information Allows for SBO staff to talk with designated persons regarding financial details of your account. The required form can be found on the SBO website:

21 Students must select an Electronic Refund Option Direct Deposit to their existing bank Direct Deposit to their One Account Sign-up material will come in the US Mail Parent Plus Loan Refunds Check only Direct Refund to student or parent Student Account Credit Balance Refunds



24 Repayment of Federal Loans Subsidized, Unsubsidized, Parent PLUS and Perkins FAQ’s “I received more loan money than I need” “I had loans at another school” “I’m not sure who my loan servicer is” The do’s and don'ts of Alternative Loans Debt Management Exit Counseling Requirement One-on-One Advising

25 Important Checklist  Things you and your student need take care of before your student leaves home

26 Important Tips Electronic notifications only WWU does not send a bill for charges on your student account Authorized User + Release of Financial Information Provides access to student financial information Important Dates & Deadlines Tuition & Housing due 1 st day of each quarter Late Fees and Interest assessed third Friday of month Promissory Note and Entrance Counseling Required if you accept federal loans

27 VISIT US OM 110 OPEN 9 - 4:30 Call or E-mail Mon – Fri 9:00am-4:30pm (360)650-2865

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