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Presented by: Miss Schaefer’s First Grade Class 2011-2012.

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2 Presented by: Miss Schaefer’s First Grade Class 2011-2012

3 Walrus By: Ava Mount  Walruses do not have ears.  Male walruses fight one another in order to attract females.  The tusk of a walrus has rings inside of it.

4 Sea Horse By: Bria  Sea horses have little heads that look like horses  They live in sea weed  They have curled tails for hanging on things

5 Seals have few predators. The predators are sharks and whales. Polar bears are their biggest threat on ice. Seals have excellent vision in water. They have flippers at the ends of their arms and legs to help them swim.

6 Jellyfish By: Christina Jellyfish can sting even if they are dead. Jellyfish have no brain, eyes, or bones. People eat jellyfish.

7 Electric Eel By: Chrstopher The electric eel produces 500-600 volts of electricity. One volt of an electric eel’s shock can not kill but several can. As many as 17,000 young electric eels will hatch from the eggs in one nest.

8 Crab By: Danielle Crabs do not have a backbone. They have an outer shell, claws, flat body, two feelers, and two eyes. There are 5,000 species of crabs.

9 Orcas By: Devon The orca can weigh 12,000 pounds. Orcas eat seals and penguins. Nothing eats the orca. Orcas leap out of the water.

10 Clownfish have tiny tentacles. They eat shrimp, worms, and algae The clownfish can lay 100 to 1000 eggs They can grow to be 2 to 5 inches long The enemies of a clownfish are sharks stingrays and other fish.

11 o They eat clams, crabs, snails, turtles, and fish. It has blue blood.  Octopus cannot hear.  They have three hearts.  An octopus can squirt ink.

12 Hammerhead By: Josh Hammerheads have a slender body, 2 fins, a hammer – shaped head with eyes and a nose on the tips of the hammer. Hammerheads eat fish, rays and other sharks. The babies are born alive.

13 Sea Stars By: Karen Sea stars have many little tube feet on the underside of their rays The tube feet help them crawl and grab on to things Sea stars are shaped like stars

14 Humpback Whales By: Katie The humpback whale has 2 blowholes It makes a harmonic noise that attracts mates The baby humpback whale is called a calf

15  Lobsters eat crabs, clams, worms and snails.  A mother lobster can lay thousands of eggs.  Lobsters live at the bottom of the ocean.

16  They have a tricky eye spot to trick other fish.  They grow to be about 12 to 15 inches in the ocean.  They reproduce by laying hundreds of eggs at a time.  They belong to the Chaetodon family.

17 Lantern Fish By: Logan The largest lantern fish is over 1 foot long. Depending on the species, between 100 and 2,000 eggs are released by each fish. They have very large eyes, which is very common in deep sea creatures to help them collect as much light as possible in the eternally dark waters.

18 Dolphins By: Luke They have an ear spot right next to their eye that you can barely see. Dolphins have a life span of about 25 years. Some sharks and orcas will prey upon dolphins. Dolphins are often trapped in people’s fishing nets.

19 They have tiger like markings They can feel electricity without looking They live world wide in warm seas

20  Squids have 2 hearts.  Squids eat fish, crustaceans, and other squids.  A squid lays a lot of eggs at the same time.

21  The Sea urchin has a round shaped body with long spines.  The Sea urchin lives in rocky parts of the ocean and are found in coral reefs. Sea urchins eat almost anything like algae stuck to rocks, seaweed, and dead fish. SEA URCHIN BY: RONALD

22 Angel Shark By: Sam It has a flat body They reproduce by giving live birth and laying eggs. Angel Sharks look like rays.

23 Pufferfish By: Sara The puffer fish lays eggs. The puffer fish is not a good swimmer. The puffer fish breathes through gills.

24 Swordfish By: Sebastian  A swordfish eats squid, octopus, and fish.  Swordfish have gills  The swordfish kills their prey by swinging their sharp bill from side to side.


26 Great White Shark By: Stephen  Great White Sharks live from 24 to 100 years.  Killer Whales and people eat Great White Sharks.  Did you know the Great White Shark has seven fins?

27  Manatees use finger nails to walk in shallow waters  They don’t have a predator  Manatees mostly eat a plant called sea grass  They are almost extinct  Humans harm manatees by driving boats

28 Rays By: Zachary  There are about 70 known species of rays around the world.  Stingrays have spines on their tail which can poison other animals  They eat clams, crabs, and fish

29 The End

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