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Jelly Fish By: Mrs. Patterson.

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1 Jelly Fish By: Mrs. Patterson

Soft white flesh with a round hood or “cap” on top Long tentacles that hang down Some are clear colored, but others can be pink, yellow, blue, and purple. A jelly fish is 98% water. Some jelly fish can even glow in the dark!

3 The greatest thing about my animal is that
They use their tentacles to sting and poison prey.

4 DIET: My animal likes to eat
Plankton Small fish Shrimp Crabs Tiny plants Other species of jelly fish!

5 HABITAT: My animal lives
One type of jellyfish can live in fresh water Mostly all other jelly fish live in salt water oceans Most live in the shallow water near the coast although some jelly fish can live in deep water

6 BEHAVIOR: My animal Squirts water from its mouth to propel forward
Mostly floats along the ocean currents with its tentacles hanging down.

7 SIZE: The size of my animal
Ranges from just a few inches to the largest species, called Lion’s Mane Jellyfish, which has a body that can be over 3 feet long and have tentacles as long as 100 feet!

8 TWO THINGS I LEARNED about my animal are that:
Some jelly fish can grow larger than a human! Jelly fish do not have eyes, ears or a brain!

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