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Sharks sharks sharks By: Logan and Robert.

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1 sharks sharks sharks By: Logan and Robert

2 Diet Some sharks like the great white or tiger sharks eat fish like squid, other sharks, and marine animals Other sharks like the zebra, horn shark, and angel eat fish like crabs and clams on the ocean floor The big ones like the whale shark filter feed and eat small plankton and small sea animals because they swim with their mouth open

3 more Diet Some sharks like the Lemon Shark, only eat around 3% of their body weight every 40 to 80 hours. If you ate like this, you would only have a hamburger and fries every 2 to 3 days. Unlike cats, dogs, or people, sharks will not over eat.

4 Habits Some sharks lay eggs. Those sharks are called oviparous.
Sharks have an awesome sense of smell. For example: if there were only 10 drops of tuna juice in a swimming pool. They would smell it!

5 More Habits Most oceanic sharks that live in the open seas will suffocate if they cannot move forward in the water because they must force seawater through their open mouths and over their gills to breathe. Some kinds of sharks can rest on the sea bottom where the current is strong enough to flush water over their gills. Others with well-developed gill muscles can breathe by pumping water over their gills.

6 Evolution Sharks have existed for more than 350 million years.
They lived before the dinosaurs. Some old shark have double pointed teeth.

7 TEETH! A shark is always teething.
Sharks lose between 12,000 and 30,000 teeth during its life time. Not all sharks have sharp teeth.

8 Habitat and size Most sharks live in the oceans in around North America They are about 2 to 3 feet long There are many many different size sharks so there for there are many different weights

9 Quiz slide What size sharks filter feed?
Do sharks sleep in a motionless state? About how long have sharks lived? How to sharks breath? How many teeth can a shark have in it’s lifetime? Do all sharks have sharp teeth? Are sharks always hungry? Do all sharks give birth to live babies? Can sharks smell? Give an example. Do sharks eat all the time?

10 Thanks for watching Backgrounds by: Robert and Logan
Information by: Logan and Robert Transactions by: both of us Research from time for kids SHARKS! By the editors of time for kids More from Hope you enjoyed our presentation! Thanks for watching

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