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Sharks and Dolphins Third Grade October 19, 2006.

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1 Sharks and Dolphins Third Grade October 19, 2006

2 Sharks Scientists like to learn about sharks and understand why they act the way that they do.

3 Are they scary? People have always been afraid of sharks.
Sharks would rather eat seals or fish than people. Sharks sometimes think that people are other sea animals. Sometimes our legs and feet may look like fish to a hungry shark!

4 Do we hurt sharks? Some people enjoy eating shark meat.
Humans kill 100 million sharks each year. Some people like to buy things made from shark skin. Sharks often get caught in fishing nets and die.

5 What will happen to the sharks?
Some types of sharks are endangered. Endangered means that the sharks are in danger of becoming extinct. If we are not careful, these sharks will all die.

6 When did sharks come about?
Sharks are over 400 million years old. These large fish were swimming in the oceans before the dinosaurs roamed the earth.

7 How do sharks help us? Sharks have an important part in the food chain. They eat many sea animals and fish to keep the oceans in balance. Their only predator is the killer whale. If they die, the killer whale will starve! If sharks were to die out, we would be in trouble.

8 What are we doing today? Many people in America are trying to limit shark hunting. Scientists have learned that sharks are here for a reason. They don’t want to hurt people.

9 Dolphins Dolphins are not fish, they are mammals.
Some dolphins are really small, and others are very large! The biggest dolphin is also known as the Killer Whale.

10 How big or small are they?
Killer whales are the largest dolphins and can be 30 feet long. Heaviside dolphins are the smallest, and are usually 4 feet long.

11 What do dolphins eat? It depends on the dolphin!
Killer whales eat sharks, seals, sea turtles, and other dolphins. Smaller dolphins like to eat fish and squid. They eat about 20 pounds of food each day!

12 Do scientists study dolphins?
Yes! Scientists are learning about how dolphins communicate. Dolphins make interesting noises when they are underwater.

13 How do dolphins help us? Dolphins have been known to save people.
Dolphins often help each other when they are injured or in danger. Scientists think that may be the reason that they help us too! As we know, dolphins haven’t killed any humans.

14 Are dolphins in danger? Yes they are in danger. There are many reasons why. Some people enjoy eating dolphin meat. People pollute the water that dolphins swim in. Dolphins often get caught in fishing nets.

15 How can we help the dolphins?
America has laws that are protecting more dolphins. Scientists must get permission to study dolphins in the ocean. We can read and learn about dolphins and try to keep them safe in their natural habitat.

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