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Fish 6. Types of Sharks.

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1 Fish 6. Types of Sharks

2 There are many types of sharks.
Many sharks are fairly large, such as the great hammerhead which are 15 to 20 feet long

3 The great white shark is also about 15 to 20 feet long
It gives birth to live young

4 The largest shark is the whale shark
Which averages 40 feet long

5 The smallest shark is the pygmy dogfish
Which is only 5 or 6 inches long

6 Some sharks are very dangerous
The great white shark is probably the best-known and most dangerous shark

7 The great white lives in cool temperate and tropical waters
Great white sharks are feared because they have attacked people many times

8 The whale shark and the basking shark are not dangerous to people
These large sharks do not even eat other fish

9 They eat tiny ocean plants and animals called plankton
The basking shark floats on the surface as if it is basking in the sun

10 The hammerhead shark is an unusual shark
Its head is T-shaped like a hammer and its eyes are on each end of the crossbar of the T

11 Hammerheads are found in tropical oceans
They sometimes travel in schools

12 Dogfish are small sharks that live in temperate or tropical seas
Unlike the great white shark, the dogfish lays eggs

13 Some species of dogfish shark lay eggs but some give a live birth
Here the dogfish shark is giving live birth and the baby comes out tail first

14 The eggs are in cases that cling to seaweed until they hatch
Like most other fish, young sharks can take care of themselves from birth

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