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Live Conferencing Tim Neumann Learning Technologies Unit Institute of Education.

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1 Live Conferencing Tim Neumann Learning Technologies Unit Institute of Education

2 Live Conferencing Agenda –Quick Definition –Virtual Classroom Components –Use Cases

3 Live Conferencing Virtual Classrooms / Synchronous Audiographic Conferencing Combination of: real-time tools for visual interaction while talking

4 Virtual Classroom Features TEXT-BASED TOOLS. Presence Indicators. Chat Logs. Transcripts. Private Messaging. Instant Messaging. Moderated Chat. Avatars. Entry Announcements. Exit Announcements. Action Messages. Sound Effects. Text Formatting. LIVE AUDIO AND VIDEO TOOLS. Live Audio. Voice-over-IP. Broadcast. Half Duplex. Full Duplex. Audio Controls. Telephony Integration. Live Video. Floating Video Display. Bandwidth Detection. CONTENT, DISPLAY, AND INTERACTIVE TOOLS. Virtual Whiteboard. Moderated Use and Accountability. Image Imports. Layers. object-oriented. Application Sharing. Screen Sharing. File Transfer. Slide Showing. Background Loading. Special Effects. Slide Libraries. Course Map. Site Map Integration. Guided Web Tours. Clickable Hyperlinks. Previewing. Filtering. Polling. Quizzes. Question Types. Display of Results. Online Course Integration. VLE Integration. Activity Indicators. Remote Screen Viewing. Multimedia. Breakout Rooms. Recording and Playback. Navigation and Searching. Feedback. Availability. Editing. Automatic Technical Checks. Three- Dimensional Rendering of Space and People. Specialised Tools. Templates. and more… Finkelstein, J (2006). Learning in Real Time. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass

5 Virtual Classroom Components Live Audio Transmission: 'Internet telephony'Text Chat / Instant Messaging

6 Participant Control, Handraising, EmoticonsApplication Sharing

7 Instant Polling / Instant FeedbackWhiteboard / Annotated Slide PresentationLive Video

8 Use Cases Ten Application Scenarios for Virtual Classrooms

9 Use Cases Case 1: Teaching remote students

10 Use Cases Case 2: Remote guest expert lectures

11 Use Cases Case 3: F2F session recording

12 Use Cases Case 4: 24/7 Helpdesk / Virtual Office (also: one-to-one training / tutorials)

13 Use Cases Case 5: Supervision sessions (also: assignment feedback)

14 Use Cases Case 6: Remote Vivas (also: interviews, remote demonstrations)

15 Use Cases Case 7: Webcasts

16 Use Cases Case 8: Lecture / Conference Simulcasts

17 Use Cases Case 9: Multiple Venue Production

18 Use Cases Case 10: Group meetings and activities Breakout Rooms

19 Live Conferencing Further Information: Virtual Classrooms are currently available for staff at the Bloomsbury Colleges in the context of a research project: Tim Neumann

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