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Presenters : Alfie Keary 1to1 Knowledge - PGi Business Partner Business “AnyWhere - AnyPlace - AnyTime”

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1 Presenters : Alfie Keary ( 1to1 Knowledge - PGi Business Partner Business “AnyWhere - AnyPlace - AnyTime”

2 Agenda Doing Business – AnyWhere, AnyPlace, AnyTime Virtual Business - SaaS - Cloud Computing Audio Conferencing Features - Providers/Applications Web Conferencing Features - Providers/Applications Conferencing & Collaboration (C&C) - Specialised Applications Video Conferencing - Applications - TelePresence Business Cloud - Microsoft Office365 How to use C&C in your business - Role of C&C in your business Cost for C&C for your business Integrating and Building your business with C&C

3 Business - AnyWhere - AnyPlace - AnyTime Do you want to control your business costs in terms of travel, time and carbon charges. Do you want to extend your business reach outside your local area and normal business hours. Do you want to deliver superior customer service to your clients. Do you want to make faster smarter decisions and do business more efficiently and effectively. Do you want to connect with staff, clients and business partners in real-time.

4 SaaS - Collaboration Cloud Global Load Balancing Seamless Global Backup Intelligent routing based on location, bandwidth & availability 200,000+ meetings per day 785 million minutes/month 99.99% uptime Multi-layered Security Model SAS70 Type II compliant Enterprise Policy Control


6 Audio-Conference & Operator Assisted Features AuditoriumEvent Number of participants9603,000+ Dedicated Event MgrYes Participant EntryPasscode EntryOperator Greeting Dedicated OperatorYes Pre/Post Conference ReportYes Opening, closing & customised scriptsYes Q&A, PollingYes Participant ListYes RecordingYes Dial-outYes Blast Services – email, smsYes Communication LineYes Web Services & SupportYes Transcription & TranslationYes Host ControlsYes

7 Online Meetings: Benefits Increased productivity: meet with more people, more often, right from your desk Better Meetings: Make your meetings more effective and engaging Reduce travel costs: Overcome distance barriers & reach multiple locations Reduce your carbon footprint: a green way to do business Speed up decision making

8 Web Conferencing “Experience” Presenting Making Notes on an Image Chatting Collaborating on Schedule Listening

9 Web Conferencing Services


11 Web Conferencing Features Standard Features Document, Application & Desktop Sharing PGi Audio integration Synchronized Audio and Web recording Whiteboard Web Tours Chat Multipoint Video: up to 6 Webcams Meeting Notes File Transfer Polling Applied Features 3,000 participants Custom Registration and Enrollment Custom e-mail templates Interactive Q&A Lead scoring and reporting Multiple Roles E-commerce payment function Production Services Flash Based Participant Console Rehearsal Mode Attention Indicator Multimedia content

12 Cisco WebEx Collaboration Solutions Business Specific Meeting Solutions Meeting Centre General Collaboration Event Centre Webinars Online Events Online Training Training Centre Remote Support and Access Support Centre

13 Conferencing Productivity Tools Mobile Meetings Screen Sharing, Chat, Video Create and Manage Meetings E-mail participants View Recordings Outlook Add-in



16 Video Conferencing - TelePresence


18 Cloud Computing - Office365


20 C&C Business Strategy Discussion Role of C&C in your business Business Drivers Customer Demands Cost Savings Business Expansion Using C&C in your business Business Strategy Communication Culture Change Work Life Balance

21 C&C Business Strategy Discussion Cost of C&C for your business Free Services Options Professional Services - OnDemand - Pay Per Use Monthly Licences Security Availability & Reliability Damage Limitation Professionalism

22 C&C Business Strategy Discussion Integrating and Building your business with C&C General Group Discussion Audio Conferencing Demonstration Web Conferencing Demonstration Video Conferencing Demonstration Video DemonstrationVideo Demonstration Tele-Presence Demonstration Video Demonstration

23 Thank you Presenter : Alfie Keary ( 1to1 Knowledge - PGi Channel Partner Business “AnyWhere - AnyPlace - AnyTime”

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