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How to use LinkedIn Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce Simon Dye Chartered Marketer- MBA,DipM,FCIM,MAMBA,MAMA 8 th October 2014.

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1 How to use LinkedIn Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce Simon Dye Chartered Marketer- MBA,DipM,FCIM,MAMBA,MAMA 8 th October 2014

2 Simon Dye Ecommerce Board Member of the Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce.

3 How to use LinkedIn This LinkedIn seminar will explain: What LinkedIn is How to build your perfect profile How to build the right network of contacts How to create and develop opportunities

4 What is LinkedIn World’s largest professional network 300 million members 200 countries (14 m UK) Launched May 2003 NYSE (LNKED) quoted $25 billion 2013 $1.53 billion sales, generated $26 million profits 5,400 staff inc London office.

5 Social Media Facebook- $202 billion- 1 billion users (2004) Twitter- $33 billion- 274 million users (2006)

6 What is LinkedIn "LinkedIn is, far and away, the most advantageous social networking tool available to job seekers and business professionals today." Forbes July 2012.

7 LinkedIn Revenue 1: Talent Solutions: Recruiters, corporations pay for: Branded corporate page, complete with careers section. Pay per click through Job ads targeted to users matching job profile. Access to the database of users and CVs.

8 LinkedIn Revenue 2. Marketing Solutions: LinkedIn advertisers pay per click- through targeted ads.

9 LinkedIn Revenue 3. Premium Subscriptions- users pay for: Business- business users Talent- recruiters JobSeeker- unemployed users job searching Sales- Sales Professionals. Some elements of the various subscription services are also on a pay per use basis like InMail.

10 Build your perfect profile 5 Levels Beginner Intermediate Advanced Expert All-Star

11 Build your perfect profile MINIMUM GOAL Photograph Summary 3 Jobs Skills and expertise 50+ Connections

12 Build your perfect profile THINK OF YOUR TARGET MARKET What are you trying to achieve? Who are you creating your page for?

13 Build your perfect profile Your Name Grab Attention Initials Qualifications 50 characters 2 lines

14 Build your perfect profile Photograph Colour or B/W Head Smile Logo Professional- no “selfies”

15 Build your perfect profile Summary Short Engaging Keywords Elevator pitch Specialities- roles capabilities Honesty

16 Build your perfect profile Summary Lead Generator Machine Move online to offline Customer focused “I help people to...” Positive message

17 Build your perfect profile EMPLOYMENT HISTORY 3+ Jobs Logos Activity descriptions Achievement highlights

18 Build your perfect profile Education Higher education School Courses

19 Build your perfect profile RECOMMENDATIONS Write recommendations for others Ask for reciprocations for every job (Provide suggested text for recommendations)

20 Build your perfect profile SKILLS & ENDORSEMENTS Add extra skills Endorse others Keeps you in others' minds Gets more prompts Only 12 completes skill line

21 Build your perfect profile Volunteering and Cources Bulks out your profile Creates extra soft features

22 Build your perfect profile Honours and Awards School Other education- courses Volunteering Vocation

23 Build your perfect profile CONTACT DETAILS CALL TO ACTION Address Phone Email Social- Twitter- maybe Facebook DOB

24 Right network of contacts Connect with everyone you know Family Friends Neighbours Classmates Social acquaintances

25 Right network of contacts Colleagues Past workers Networking events Industry acquiescences Industry heavyweights

26 Right network of contacts Connections' connections 2 nd connections InMail Only Accept known connections

27 Right network of contacts Personalise connection invitation Add Any Other salutation

28 Right network of contacts LinkedIn Groups Easy growth 2 nd Network Email Raise credibility Association of Gloucestershire Chambers

29 Right network of contacts Groups Start discussions Engage discussions Be helpful to groups Answer questions “Don’t find fault, find a remedy. ”- Henry Ford.

30 Right network of contacts Build network by commonality and community May not be target audience but may have many connections “A leader leads by example not by force” - Sun Tzu

31 Create and develop opportunities Regular activity Little, Often Weekly activity= increase 5X views Answer messages Articles comments

32 Create and develop opportunities Create your Group Logo (646 x 220 or larger- max size 2mb) Summary Build membership

33 Create and develop opportunities Groups Create original content Share it with your connections. Thank others when they do the same.

34 Create and develop opportunities Create company page Company name Company email address Banner image Make 2 administrators Description (1500 words) Products and services

35 Create and develop opportunities Update features Sign up your staff Get followers Promote your follower button Explain why follow List jobs- (paid) Business phone number

36 LinkedIn Dale Carnegie “You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.” “People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.”

37 LinkedIn Any questions? Slides at: BLOG PAGE Simon Dye Chartered Marketer- MBA,DipM,FCIM,MAMBA,MAMA 24 Charlton Drive, Cheltenham, GL53 8ES, 01242 521967 Thank You

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