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TALENT SOLUTIONS Rock Your Profile. TALENT SOLUTIONS The Structure of a LinkedIn Profile 2 Profile Picture Headline Public URL Recent Activity Summary.

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1 TALENT SOLUTIONS Rock Your Profile

2 TALENT SOLUTIONS The Structure of a LinkedIn Profile 2 Profile Picture Headline Public URL Recent Activity Summary Experience Causes you support Skills Education & Additional Info Recommendations Connections Groups you’ve joined What you Follow Profile Tips

3 TALENT SOLUTIONS 3 Section 1: Photo, Headline, Network & Contact Details Use your full name, no nicknames or abbreviations Be creative with your headline – first thing someone reads about you Build your network. Network = Reach Add your Twitter Account (or company twitter account) Add your company website Add your preferred contact details Profile Tips

4 TALENT SOLUTIONS 4 Section 2: A Summary packed with passion 10-15 seconds to grab the attention of the reader Avoid the 3 rd person Describe your professional and personal brand Use rich media Why do you enjoy working for your company? Profile Tips

5 TALENT SOLUTIONS Add multi-media to your profile Profile Tips  Add photos, Slideshare or video to showcase your or your company’s work

6 TALENT SOLUTIONS 6 Section 3: Experience Summarise your role Briefly explain the company Key contributions/skills Avoid CV Style Use clear, succinct phrases Use rich media Profile Tips

7 TALENT SOLUTIONS 7 Section 4: Skills & Expertise List at least 10 core skills Endorse others and hope they return the favour! A good snapshot of your professional brand Profile Tips

8 TALENT SOLUTIONS 8 Section 5: Education & Recommendations Expand on your degree Connect with old classmates Raise your profile by asking for recommendations Recommend your colleagues Profile Tips

9 TALENT SOLUTIONS 9 Section 6: Insights Join groups to build your network Follow companies that interest you and keep an eye on competitor activity Stay up-to-date with your industry news Profile Tips

10 TALENT SOLUTIONS Section 7: Add your published work to your profile Profile Tips  You can include links to Thought Leadership, blogs or news articles that you have been featured or quoted in.  If the publication is hosted online, ensure to include the URL to provide a direct link to the publication.

11 TALENT SOLUTIONS Building Your Network 11  The more 1st degree connections you have increases the number of 2nd degree connections you have access to.  Keep in mind: Quality vs quantity.  Have a personal ‘connection policy’ and stick to it  Conduct an annual ‘spring clean’ of your connections Networking

12 TALENT SOLUTIONS Share Valuable Content with Your Networks 12 Networking What to share? –Well ‘curated content’ –Company posts –Key Company jobs  Writing ‘long form posts’

13 TALENT SOLUTIONS What happens when Jeff Weiner ‘likes’ your status update 13 Networking

14 TALENT SOLUTIONS Groups 14  Groups help further your professional brand by showcasing your interests and passions on your profile  Joining and participating in groups increases your visibility and networking opportunities with people with similar interests Networking

15 TALENT SOLUTIONS Stay in Touch with Your Networks 15 Networking DesktopMobile (Connected app)

16 TALENT SOLUTIONS You have control over your privacy settings 16 Networking

17 TALENT SOLUTIONS Turn on/off your activity broadcasts 17 Networking Don't want your contacts to know that you're updating your LinkedIn profile?

18 TALENT SOLUTIONS Determine who can view your activity feed Options include:  Everyone – whether they are connected to you or not  Your Network – 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree connections  Your Connections – only those connected to you  Only You - nobody will be able to view your updates. 18 Networking

19 TALENT SOLUTIONS Select what others see when you’ve viewed their profile  The "Who's Viewed Your Profile" feature helps you understand who's been looking at your profile in the last 90 days, how many times you have shown up in search results, and other insights.  Options: –Display name, headline, location and industry. (If you select this option you receive the profile statistics for free, however other users will see when you’ve visited their profile.) –Display as an anonymous LinkedIn Member. (If you select this option you will NOT receive the profile statistics for free and users will not see when you’ve visited their profile. You can get the profile statistics if you purchase a premium account.) 19 Networking

20 TALENT SOLUTIONS Select who can see your connections  The default on this LinkedIn setting it that your first-degree connections can see all of your connections. This means that if you connect with a recruiter, they will be able to go through your contacts.  Change this setting to “Only You” to only show your connections to the people you have in common (i.e. they must already know the person to see that you have connected with them). 20 Networking

21 TALENT SOLUTIONS Add your work email address  We recommend that you have at least one personal address and one work address registered to your LinkedIn account.  Make your work email your ‘primary’ email address in order to receive networking emails to this address. 21 Networking

22 TALENT SOLUTIONS Edit the frequency of emails  LinkedIn will contact you on a range of topics such as: –Messages from other members –Updates and news –Group digests –Notifications –Messages from Linked  You can choose from the following options to receive your emails: –Individual Email –Daily Digest Email –Weekly Digest Email –No Email 22 Networking

23 TALENT SOLUTIONS Resources  The Epic List of LinkedIn Profile Tips – epic-list-of-linkedin-profile-tips epic-list-of-linkedin-profile-tips  How do I edit my profile? All the answers – 23 Resources

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