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Mr. Bowman’s Classroom Procedure Manual Student signature:

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1 Mr. Bowman’s Classroom Procedure Manual Student signature:
A thorough guide to the routines and procedures of Mr. Bowman’s Classroom Student signature: _____________________________ Parent signature:

2 -- -- -- Why Procedures? --
-- -- -- Why Procedures? --  Procedures are a vital and necessary part of life. We follow procedures for eating in the cafeteria, getting off a bus, playing soccer, and attending a movie. The reason we have procedures in life is so that people can function in society knowing the difference between acceptable and unacceptable behaviors. There are procedures in this classroom. These procedures establish how our classroom is run and the culture in which we all spend our time. You will find the procedures for the following classroom routines in this book.  * Entering the classroom * Leaving the classroom * Sharpening a pencil * Getting paper * Turing in papers * Cleaning the classroom * Coming to attention * Walking in line * Keeping desk neat * Asking a question * When the teacher isn’t there * Getting water * Going to the bathroom * When a visitor enters * Returning student work * Homework * When phone rings * Getting in line * Moving around classroom

3 -- Entering The Classroom -- -- Returning Student Work --
When you will enter the classroom -- As a general rule, you should enter the classroom without talking and immediately go to your seat. There will be different work to do once you get to your seat, depending upon what time of day it is.  a) Morning * Walk to your seat * Place homework and class assignment on top of your desk * Begin your morning work b) After lunch or any assemblies or dismissals * Walk in silently * Go to seat * Begin working on the materials set on your desk -- Returning Student Work -- Each week, you will be assigned various tasks, projects, classwork, and homework. All of this work will be checked off, graded, and collected. Those assignments that are to be returned will be returned to students throughout the week. When all papers are returned, students silently clean areas and desks.

4 -- Leaving the Classroom --
-- Homework -- Homework will be assigned every night, Monday through Thursday. Each day when you walk in, you will be responsible for placing all of your homework sheets on top of your desk.  At the end of each class period you will be given your homework assignment and you will write down any class assignment you have not finished.   ALL OF THE ABOVE WILL BE DONE SILENTLY! -- Leaving the Classroom -- To leave the classroom, you must clean your entire desk area, sit with your hands folded and wait to be dismissed by row. There are 3 main times you will be dismissed from the classroom: to go to lunch, to attend a special class or activity, and to go home When your row is called to line up, you must follow your row order outside, then take your place in line. You have a line order, which is your number order. Please make sure that you always stand in the same place in line.

5 -- Cleaning the Classroom --
-- Walking In Line -- When you walk in line, you must stand single file with your hands to your side or behind your back. You may not talk in line. Line leaders will lead the lines to designated points, at which time the lines will stop. You will be standing in your LINE ORDER (number order). At no time should you get out of line, out of order or begin to talk. -- Cleaning the Classroom -- At the end of class each day, there will be a classroom-wide clean up. Each row will be assigned an area of the classroom to clean. Please make sure that the specified area is swept and cleared of all trash. In addition to cleaning your area, you must also clean your desk. (See “Keeping Your Desk Neat”) The following will be done in the time limit specified below. 60 SECOND CLEAN UP As Mr. Bowman counts down from 60, each student will be on their hands and knees cleaning all of the trash up from their personal floor space as well as their table area. When Mr. Bowman reaches 10, you should throw the trash that you have gathered away, and begin heading back to your seat. By the count of 0, you should be sitting in your seat, with your hands folded. 15 SECOND FURNITURE STRAIGHTEN You will have 15 seconds to straighten up the furniture in the room. All furniture should be placed back in its original position.

6 Cafeteria Rules -- Asking A Question --
When you have a question or wish to gain Mr. Bowman’s attention, you should raise your hand and wait to be acknowledged. Please do not shout out, call the teacher’s name or do anything other than raise your hand to gain my attention. Please do not call Mr. Bowman “teacher”. That is not his name. His name is “Mr. Bowman”. He will address you by your name and expects the same to be done for him. Remember: There are no silly questions. The only question that is silly is the question that is not asked. So if you have any questions about procedures, classroom activities or about what we are learning, do not hesitate to ask! We will enter the cafeteria single file and go through the lunch line without talking. You will be able to sit where you want to at lunch as long as you don’t disturb others or get to loud. When you finish your lunch make sure you have picked up all trash around the area you are sitting. Wait for me to call on your row to stand up and throw your trash away and put up your trays. You are to remain seated until your row is called. Once your roll is called there will be no more talking. Those students who disobey these rules will have silent lunch and will be assigned a seat for lunch.

7 -- Coming To Attention -- -- Getting Water --
When your attention is needed, Mr. Bowman will ask for your attention and give you 5 seconds to comply. He will say, “May I have your attention please?” and begin the countdown. When you hear this, the following things will happen: 5. Eyes on speaker. 4. Quiet down. 3. Be still. 2. Hands free (put things down) 1. Listen 0. Silence When you finish going through these steps in your head, you will be looking at Mr. Bowman with your hands folded. If you happen to be away from your desk (ie: walking around the classroom) you should freeze where you are if you are unable to get to your desk in time. -- Getting Water -- You should get water before and after class time. During class you will not be allowed to go get water unless there is an emergency. -- Going to the Bathroom -- You should go to the bathroom before or after class or when the class goes together. Do not ask Mr. Bowman to go to the bathroom at any other point during the day. The answer will ALWAYS be no. ** Emergencies will be taken into consideration on an individual basis. ** ********************************************** If you wish to get a drink of water or go to the bathroom at an unspecified time, or when we are away from the classroom, you must ask in the correct and polite manner. You must say, “May I please go to the bathroom?” or “May I please get a drink of water.” *********************************************

8 -- Turning In Papers -- -- Getting Paper --
-- When Mr. Bowman Steps Out -- At times, Mr. Bowman may need to step out of the room. When this happens, a monitor will be in charge of the classroom. They will monitor the people in the classroom and report any misconduct. THERE WILL BE NO TALKING WHILE MR. BOWMAN IS OUT OF THE ROOM. As a general rule, you should continue working on your assignment until Mr. Bowman returns. Anyone who is not following the set rules and procedures will face specific consequences. -- Getting Paper -- Your Desk Folder is the place you keep all blank paper. You should always have some lined writing paper (both Rough Draft and Final Draft) as well as some blank paper. If you run out, you may replenish the paper during the 60 SECOND CLEAN UP or while writing your HW assignment down at the end of the day. AT NO OTHER TIME DURING THE DAY MAY YOU WALK OVER TO GET PAPER. If you find you are out of paper during the middle of the school day, you may ask a neighbor for a piece of paper to borrow. -- Turning In Papers -- There will be an INBOX to turn papers in for grading: INBOX This is where ALL assignments, loose leaf papers and projects get turned in. If there is ever a question about where to turn in a paper, put it in the INBOX.

9 -- Sharpening A Pencil --
There is only ONE time during the day when sharpening your pencil with the electric or class hand grinding sharpener is permitted – during the end of class during clean up. NO EXCEPTIONS! If your pencil breaks or becomes dull, you may raise your hand and ask to walk up to the front of the classroom and get a pencil from pencil box that is already sharpened. Make sure that Mr. Bowman (or any other adult) is NOT in the middle of instruction. No pencil shavings should be left on the classroom floor. *** You should have 2 or 3 pencils at your desk at all times. This way, should a pencil break at a time when you are unable to sharpen your pencil, you will have something to write with. *** -- When Mr. Bowman is Speaking -- To An Adult When Mr. Bowman is speaking to an adult, you should remain silent, continuing your work. If you were not in the middle of doing something at the time, you should take out a silent reading book and begin reading. AT NO TIME SHOULD YOU BEGIN TALKING!!!! There are several reasons for this: 1. It is distracting for both adults. 2. It is rude. 3. It makes it very difficult to concentrate on what is being discussed.  -- When The Phone Rings -- When the classroom phone rings, you should immediately become silent. You should continue the work you were doing so that Mr. Bowman can concentrate on the phone call. If you were not doing an individual assignment at the time, you may read a book silently. When the phone call is complete, instruction will immediately resume.

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