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Name: Gaby R. Class Period: 2nd

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1 Name: Gaby R. Class Period: 2nd
Title: Smile Author: Raina Telgemeier Date/Year Published: 2010 Genre: Graphic Novel Name: Gaby R. Class Period: 2nd

2 Setting The story takes place in San Francisco. Raina live in a two-story town home. She will be going to the dentist and orthodontist a lot. She will also be at school most of the story. But most importantly everything is in San Francisco.

3 Characters Raina- 13 year old middle scholar who just wants to be a normal kid, but when she has a horrible accident she has to go through a lo of teeth drama and gets frustrated sometimes. Riana's friends- these girls are also important because they turn out to be not good friends because they are rude to her sometimes and make critical suggestions. Mom- important because she helps Raina and supports her and is really helpful.

4 Plot: Conflict The problem in this story is when Raina has a horrible accident when she was running she trips and then she falls and her two front teeth fall out. This cause her to get on and off braces and she has to go to the orthodontist and dentist a lot.

5 Plot: Resolution The resolution in this book starts when she starts high school and she makes new friends and her braces get taken off. When this happened Raina seemed to be much more happier with her self than feeling sorry for her self when she was friends with the other girls.

6 Your Opinion I thought this book was really goo because it had a lot of everything. Drama, friendship troubles, and braces. It was so good I just never wanted to stop reading.

7 About the Author Raina grew up in San Francisco.
Moved to New York where she earned and illustration degree. She adapted and illustrated the Baby Sitters Club graphic novels. Her husband is Dave Roman. Her X-Men: Misfits series recently titled best seller.

8 5 Test Questions How do you think Raina’s mom felt when she fainted?
How do you think Raina felt about the time that she got her skirt pulled down? What is Raina’s last name? How do you think Raina felt when she got her braces taken off? How do you think Raina felt when they took away her retainer with fake teeth?

9 Summary Smile is a drama book about a middle scholar who is trying to be a normal kid, but one day she was running, trips, and falls and her two front teeth come out. This changes her life. Raina also goes through tough friendships, an earthquake, and a lot of teeth drama. She also figures out what real friends are.

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