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Name: Haylee Ferguson Class Period: 7th

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1 Name: Haylee Ferguson Class Period: 7th
Title: 13 Gifts Author: Wendy Mass Date/Year Published: 2011 Genre: Realistic Fiction Name: Haylee Ferguson Class Period: 7th

2 Setting Well first it starts at Tara’s house and she goes to her school. Then she’s on a train and then a bus. But then Tara is at her aunts house for summer. She goes to Willow Falls, because that’s were her aunt lives.

3 Characters Tara Brennan is my main character. Something that she does in the book is that she goes to her school and tries steals her principles stuffed goat, but she gets caught. At some points she is funny but at the beginning she is mostly nervous. She is turning 13 but wont celebrate with her parents Emily is Tara’s cousin. But according to Tara she thinks Emily is weird, but she doesn’t no her that much. Emily is 13

4 Characters (continued)
Tara’s mom has a job to were she has to travel the word. Her job is a researcher. Although they live in one house the family isn’t there a lot Tara’s dad has the same job. Actually that’s how they met. Really all he does is help her, she does all the work Bethany is Tara’s aunt. That’s who she is staying with. Her aunt loves jewelry and planning parties

5 Plot: Conflict The problem is this story is when Tara finds out that she isn't going to Madagascar. Instead she is going stay with her aunt Bethany. Then while is on her way there she leaves to go somewhere and when she gets back she stuff has been stolen. The more important things were her phone and her phone numbers. She thinks that the lady that gave her the first class tickets took them because when she came back she was gone.

6 Plot: Resolution My resolution is when she ends up loving willow falls and her aunt Bethany get her a new phone. But then her parents come back but Tara doesn’t want to leave. She made new friends and loves that she finally knows her aunt and uncle.

7 Your Opinion I love this book. My favorite part is when she stole the goat and sprayed her principle with pepper spray. One of the funny parts was when she stuff was stolen because she was all confused and didn’t realize it until after she got off the train.

8 About the Author Wendy mass wrote “11 birthdays”
Wendy mass also wrote the book “finally” she dedicated the book “13 gifts” for her daughter Chloe Wendy mass was born on January 17,1967 She has 2 sons and a daughter; her sons are twins

9 5 Test Questions Why does the lady on the train offer Tara first class seats?

10 Summary A girl named Tara Brennan goes and steals her principles stuffed goat. He catches her and she sprays him with pepper spray. As her punishment she doesn’t get to go to Madagascar and gets sent to her aunts house for the summer. She doesn’t really no her family down there and Tara hasn’t ever heard of willow falls before. Her birthday arrives and she gets 13 gifts. Tara also meets a girl named, Angelina D’ Angelo. Tara thinks she is strange. Tara and her new friends go on many exiting adventures which give them consequences.

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