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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules

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1 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules
By: Kendall Baker Written By: Jeff Kinney Fiction Published: February 1, 2008

2 Setting The two main settings in this book are Greg’s house and at his school. Greg lives in a two-story house , which he shares with his parents and his two brothers. This book is based on modern day time.

3 Characters The main characters of this book are Greg, Rodrick( his brother), Susan( his mom), and Rowley( his best friend). Greg is a normal kid, but has lots of trouble at school, especially with the girls. Rowley is Greg’s weird friend, but Greg gradually starts to get jealous of him because his dumb actions starts to attract girls. Rodrick is pretty much Greg’s worst nightmare. He tortures him every chance he gets, and never stops until he gets what he wants. Susan, Greg’s mom, is just there to mess everything up.

4 Conflict There are two plots in this book. The first one is about a secret from the previous book. Greg is trying to hide a secret that his older brother, Rodrick, could reveal. When Greg was staying with his Grandpa in his retirement home, Rodrick got a hold of Greg's journal, and Greg chases after him. When he gets it back, Greg hides in the bathroom and rips out the pages. He then realizes that he's in the ladies bathroom. Greg is stuck in there for 45 minutes, and when Greg comes out, Rodrick had witnessed the whole thing.

5 Resolution The resolution in this book is very hard to find, because the author is constantly showing how unlucky Greg is. Although, there is one resolution, and it’s that Rodrick and Greg finally begin to get along. Greg realizes that even though Rodrick is a pain in the butt, he is still his brother. Greg decides to help Rodrick on a project that if Rodrick didn’t do, he would flunk out of school.

6 My opinion In my opinion, I thought the book was awesome. It just makes you want to know what’s next after every page. The sibling rivalry gets funnier as you read. There are times where Rodrick tortures Greg and you think it’s funny, then there are times where Rodrick tortures Greg and you think it’s messed up and he went too far. Anyways, I think that the author should never stop writing this series.

7 About the A uthor When he wrote a comic strip called, “Igdoof”, he realized that he wanted to be a cartoonist. His first book was released in 2007. The first three of his books were #1 bestsellers. He really wanted to be a newspaper cartoonist before he was an author. Most of the things that happened in the book , happened to him as a kid.

8 Test What was Greg’s nickname after the rumor spread about him?
What’s the name of the retirement home that Greg’s grandpa lived in? Doesn’t Manny act like he’s the older brother? What was Susan, their mom, thinking when she came up with the “mom bucks?” Was Greg’s journal that important to make him run into the ladies’ room

9 Summary Greg and Rodrick have been seen fighting each other by his little brother, Manny. Manny tells his mom, and she comes up with a strange idea. She says that if Greg and Rodrick are seen getting along and/or helping each other, they will receive a “mom buck”. They can cash in the “mom bucks” for real money. It doesn’t seem like it could work because Rodrick knows one of Greg’s humiliating secrets. Rodrick threatens him with it, but one day, Greg makes him so angry that Rodrick just had to tell.

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