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PowerPoint by: Makayla Martin Period. 8 1/17/14. Plot Summary Save Me a Spot In Heaven was written by Bailey Wind about the severe car crash she survived.

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1 PowerPoint by: Makayla Martin Period. 8 1/17/14

2 Plot Summary Save Me a Spot In Heaven was written by Bailey Wind about the severe car crash she survived on December 1, 2012 along with three other kids, Deanna Rivers, Christopher Stewart and Matt Hardy. Unfortunately, Rivers and Stewart did not survive. They were on their way back home from a basketball game, when a drunk driver hit them from behind, making the car flip multiple times. Bailey talks about her and Christopher's love they shared for one another. She also includes her life after the accident and how she coped with everything in between. Bailey includes pictures and texts between her and Chris giving the reader a better visual between the two. The lessons she learned throughout this tragedy, she will carry on for the rest of her life, she never gave up.

3  December 1, 2012  Two Shaker and Two Shenendehowa High school kids.  Accident happened on the Northway between the Twin Bridges and exit 8 northbound

4 Critical Review Everyone was talking about Bailey Wind’s new book, Save Me a Spot In Heaven, and how it’s a must read. I couldn’t wait to read it. When I started reading it, it immediately touched my heart and I wanted to keep reading to learn more about her, the accident, and what her life has been like after the tragedy. The way Bailey described Chris was touching, and the type of person he was, made me want to meet him more and more. How they treated each other was amazing and the love they had for each other is unexplainable. Bailey gave such great detail about how they first met, their relationship, the bond Chris and her sister Nikki had with one another and when the accident happened. When Bailey described how she felt as the accident was happening it was almost like you were there with her. Bailey includes some of her problems she had going through school, people being cruel, being made fun of for the way she dressed and even after the accident when she lost her teeth. You really learn a lot from her and it makes you realize how cruel and judgmental people can be, when in reality they have no idea about the kind of situation she is in. Save Me a Spot In Heaven really opened my eyes to so many things in life and it is an incredible book.

5 Quote from Save Me a Spot In Heaven “ The biggest help a guy like me could ask for would have to be having the best girlfriend any guy could ask for too. Anyone would agree with me when I say that having that one special person in your life only makes each other you live just a little bit more meaningful. Sometimes there is just something that’s bugging you and you don’t feel comfortable talking to anyone other than your boyfriend/girlfriend, its real bonus that most people take advantage of. I’m glad to say I found one extremely special girl that I am proud to call mine, and I know she will always be there for me whenever I need to get something off my chest, having people like this is one good change that our world has taken on in the last couple of decades.” Page 147-148

6 Analysis of Quote Some of the good elements from the quote on slide 5 are how Chris talks about the positive of having Bailey as his girlfriend. Chris talks about how he can go to Bailey about absolutely anything, she is not only his girlfriend but a best friend. Most people take advantage of that, but he did not. Bailey was his world. Chris never looked down on Bailey he always had faith in her and treated her like she should be treated. Bailey and Chris didn’t take each other’s love for granted, they cherished one another, that’s what made them so special for each other, it was destiny for them to be together.

7 Save Me a Spot in Heaven is not only about Bailey and Chris’s love story, but telling the reader that no matter what tragic thing comes your way to handle it in your own way. Bailey’s book did not have a happy ending like most books, but it made you realize how strong she was through everything. What I think Bailey tried to get across to her readers: to be strong because it will help you in the long run. Bailey still managed to keep a smile on her face.

8 Today, Bailey Wind is going to college in Tennessee for diving; she was offered a scholarship there. Bailey was big into sports when she was younger. She got into diving when she 9 years old and has been doing it ever since. Its something she loved since she first learned how to dive and the fact that Chris loved what she was doing made her want to pursue her diving career even more. Bailey still carries Chris and Deanna close to heart and lives everyday for them.

9 Reference Slide Wind Bailey. Save Me a Spot In Heaven. Troy, New York. The Troy Book Makers, 2013. Print.

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