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The Mongols.

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1 The Mongols

2 Geography Asian Steppe (dry grasslands) receives little rainfall
short, & hard grasses are good for grazing Served as a trade route connecting east and west

3 Culture Pastoralists (herders of domestic animals) Nomadic
(followed seasonal migration pattern)

4 Culture Depended on animals for food, housing, & clothing
Traveled in familial clans

5 Culture Frequently fought over territory
Traded horses w/ settled groups & occasionally raided settled communities for other necessities Rarely imposed their way of life on conquered peoples, & they sometimes assimilated to the conquered culture

6 Super Sleuth Check Point
Which area receives little rainfall and has short, hard grasses that are good for grazing? Who herds domestic animals? The Mongols traveled in what types of clans? What did the Mongols frequently fight over? What item did the Mongols trade with settled communities? The Mongols rarely imposed their way of life on conquered peoples. They sometimes __________________to the conquered culture.

7 “A Mighty Fighting Force” page 332 - 333
1. What kinds of strategies did the Mongol army use to become more efficient fighters? 2. What tools were critical to Mongol warfare? 3. What were the roles of women in Mongol warfare?

8 Genghis Khan United the Mongol clans around 1200
1206, accepted the name Genghis Khan, meaning “universal ruler” Led Mongols for 21 years to conquer much of Asia His successors created the largest unified land in history until that point (expanded in Asia)

9 Genghis Khan Facebook Activity pages 331-332
“I will rule them by fixed laws so that rest and happiness shall prevail in the world.” - Genghis Khan

10 Trade Asian steppe - trade route between east & west
The “Pax Mongolica” (Mongol Peace) lasted from mid-1200s to mid-1300s & guaranteed safe passage through the empire for traders, missionaries, & travelers

11 Super Sleuth Check Point
Who united the Mongol clans around 1200? What does the name Genghis Khan mean? Which part of the world did Genghis Khan and the Mongols conquer? What did Genghis Khan’s successors create? Which area served as a trade route between the east and the west? What does “Pax Mongolica” mean? During the “Pax Mongolica,” the Mongols guaranteed safe travel through the empire for which three groups of people?

12 Impact on Russia Mongols invaded Kiev under leadership of Batu Khan (grandson of Genghis Khan)

13 Impact on Russia Mongols ruled Russia for 200 years
Russians could follow their local customs, & tolerated Christianity demanded absolute obedience & massive tributes from Russians Moscow was founded; princes in Moscow gained power by helping the Mongols suppress Russian revolts. In 1480, Ivan III began to refuse to pay tribute to Mongols & eventually freed Moscow

14 Impact on China Kublai Khan (1215-1294) came to power in 1260.
Attacked & overwhelmed China in 1279, founding the Yuan Dynasty. Kublai Khan united China & opened it to foreign trade. He tolerated Chinese culture & made few changes to Chinese system of government. Chinese were kept out of high offices, but were used to rule at local level. He led a period of increased trade & encouraged foreigners to visit. Impact on China

15 Control over Russia & China
Why would allowing conquered people to practice their local customs help the Mongols maintain control of their territories?

16 Marco Polo 1254 - 1354 Venetian trader who arrived in China in 1275
Spoke several Asian languages & worked for Kublai Khan for 17 years When he returned to Europe, he wrote and published stories of his travels (many doubted their truth)

17 Super Sleuth Check Point
What did the Mongols demand from the Russians? In 1480, who refused to pay tribute to the Mongols and eventually ended Mongol rule? Who came to power in China in 1260? Kublai Khan founded which Chinese dynasty? What is one accomplishment of Kublai Khan and the Yuan dynasty? Which Venetian trader arrived in China in 1275? What did Polo do when we returned to Europe?

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