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An Excellence Centre in Organic Agriculture Growing on An Historical Plantation.

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1 An Excellence Centre in Organic Agriculture Growing on An Historical Plantation.

2 Plan of the Presentation 1.Interests of Yamoussoukro 2.Type of Company 3.Missions of the Company 4.Social Responsability 5.Components to Develop 6.Operation 7.Current Activities 8.Priority Activities 9.Impact on Employment 10.Operation Team Cocoa tree sew by Félix Houphouët-Boigny, on June 14th 1970.

3 1. Interests of Yamoussoukro Administrative Capitale of Côte dIvoire Located on major international roads (Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger) Airport Numerous tourists attractions (Basilic, Fundation FHB, lakes with caimans, Presidential residence, etc.) High agricultural and forestry potential (cocoa, coffee, rice, hevea, traditional kitchen cultures, cultures vivrières traditionnelles, fish breeding, etc.

4 2. Type of Company Development and exploitation of sites to promote economic development through organic agriculture. Agriculture Industry Trade Science Ecotourisme Fields of ActivitiesSites dimplantation At 25 km of Yamoussoukro, the Plantation de Toumbokro : 2 000 ha consecrated to agricultural exploitation In the Centre of Yamoussoukro, the Parc de Guiglo : 101 ha dedicated to ecotouristic activities

5 3. Missions of the Company To develop the agricultural sector, at large To create jobs, especially among the youth, through valorisation of the landed heritage To offer infrastructures and facilities for the implementation of projects To heighten about ecological matters To train on agricultural matters To promote the applyed agricultural search

6 4. Social Responsibility National and international challenges to take up (food security, reducing poverty, peace preservation…) An inheritance to preserve and to develop An agricultural potential to develop Scientific knowledge to generate and to exploit Sustainable development based on organic agriculture as intervention axis Integration of the gender component to the actions

7 5.1.2 Cultural Facilities Open-air cinema Open-air theatre Center for interpretation of Agropôle Yamoussoukros site (ecotourisme and scientific promotion) Museum (history, cocoa, agriculture, ecology) Boigny dOr, chocolate made of organic cocoa from Toumbokro.

8 5.1.3 Ecotouristic Facilities Synoptic kitchen garden for food self-suffiency and professionnal integration Plantation of cocoa, coffee, cola, and other fruits trees Thematic hotel complex Catering area Handworking village Shuttle for scenic tour (Toumbokro, Yamoussoukro, région des Lacs) Small breeding farm and wild animals park

9 5.1.3 Ecotouristic Facilities (next) Lake for aquatic birds Tracks (footing, biking, skating) Picnic tables and park benches Reception area Playgroond for children Paddling and swimming pool Tennis court

10 5. Components to Develop 5.1 Parc de Guiglo 5.1.1 Administrative Facilities Bioclimatical administrative building Infirmary/Health center Restaurant Reception under the cocoa trees.

11 Spaces for offices Institut professionnel agricole (fundamental training – BT, BTS –, functional litteracy, reinforcement of capacities) Institutions and laboratories for research Light industrial structures Microcredit institution Trading structures Women center 5.2 Plantation de Toumbokro 5.2.1 Core of Agropôle Lake for irrigation and pump in Toumbokro.

12 5.2.2 Structural Facilities Resources and information center Editing and photocopying center Shuttle service (Toumbokro- Yamoussoukro) House of the Gouvernor of Félix Houphouët- Boignys plantation.

13 5.2.3 Research Center Plantations (inside and outside the site of Agropôle Yamoussoukro, discussion to reach agreement) Halieutic resources center (inside the site) Experimental farm (inside the site) Parks, reserves and listed forests (discussion to reach agreement, new sites to set up) Installation for cocoa bean fermentation.

14 6. Operation Development and setting up of activities owned by the company Hosting of investorscompanies Search of partners (technical, financial) Stimulation of enterprises setting up thanks to a business incubator and microfinancial facilities

15 7. Current Activities Since three years, rehabilitation of cocoa and coffee plantations Production and certification (BioAgricert) of organic cocoa Partenership for the transformation of our cocoa in chocolate (ICAM-Italy) Setting up of workerscooperatives Projects studies realised Search for financial suport and partners Un sac de fèves de cacao biologique de Toumbokro prêt à être exporté.

16 7. Current Activities (next)

17 8. Priority Activities Vegetal Productions Rehabilitation of the cocoa end coffee plantation and of the transformation units Setting up of roasting and packaging units for coffee Raising of the rice production Setting up of a farm for mushroom, aromatic and medicinal plants Animals Breeding Good layer breeding for the production of eggs for the consummers Honey factory Snails breeding Tilapia breeding Agro-industries Units to transform kitchen garden productions (drying and caning) Drying and smoking units for halieutic productions Services Setting up a microcredit institution (MECACI) Beginning the construction of the hotel complex Beginning activities linked to the Professional Institute for Agriculture

18 9. Impact on Employment Parc de Guiglo Setting up step: 400 persons Normal operation: 300 persons Training in the kitchen garden: Insertion of 120 up to 150 persons/year Plantation de Toumbokro Normal operation: about 100 agricultural, food-processing or other businesses, management of the animal reserve and of the breeding space: 1000 persons Rice-growing: 900 persons Professional Institute for Agriculture (teaching and non-teaching staff): 150 persons Total: 3000 jobs Worker carrying organic cocoa beans to the fermentation unit.

19 10. Operation Team Exploitation Technical Direction To appoint Agricultural – Breeding – Search Technical Direction Jean-Pierre ASSOUMOU Animal and Forest Conservation Direction Captain GOORE (Water and Forest) Juridical Direction Hippolyte KONAN Computering Services Direction Charles K. YAO General Administrator André Sholmès YAO General Secretary Bruno HAIRE Engeering Direction (Facilities and Maintenance) To appoint Commercial and Financial Direction Bruno HAIRE (provisoire) Public Relations and Formation Lara LANGLAIS BP 2544 Yamoussoukro République de Côte dIvoire Tél.:+ (225) 30 64 16 47 Fax: + (225) 30 64 18 85 Cel.: + (225) 09 21 90 90 / 05 39 86 29

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