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Warm-up Who is the pope? What conflicts do you think the church and kings may have had?

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1 Warm-up Who is the pope? What conflicts do you think the church and kings may have had?

2 10.3 Review 3. How did Thomas Aquinas think reason and faith could work together? Thomas Aquinas applied rational thought to support Christian beliefs. 4a. What new style of religious architecture developed in Europe in the 1100s? Religious architecture developed during the 1100s was referred to as Gothic architecture. 4b. Why do you think so much of the art created in the Middle Ages was religious? Answers will vary: Most of the art during the Middle Ages was inspired by religious feelings.

3 Role Play You will each be assigned a role. After reading about your role you must make a decision about each of the scenarios presented. Next, you’ll meet with a person with the opposite role. You’ll have to discuss each scenario and make a compromise about what to do. Last, you’ll find out what actually happened in each historical scenario.

4 Challenges to Church Authority Divide your paper into four boxes (page 9). Each scenario in your activity was inspired by a real event. As we review each event, record important information about it in the corresponding box of your paper.

5 Scenario #1 Great Schism of 1054 – split between the Eastern and Western Christian Churches. Pope Leo IX was the bishop of Rome, he believed that all bishops should answer to him because Saint Peter, the first pope, had been the leader of the whole Christian Church. Church leaders in the East disagreed. Byzantine Emperor Michael Cerularius refused to recognize the pope and the church split into the Orthodox and Roman Catholic Church.

6 Scenario #2 Pope Gregory VII vs Emperor Henry IV 1073 Henry wanted to select his own bishop but the pope thought that only church officials should do this. Henry selected a bishop but Gregory disapproved of his selections. Henry convinced Germanys bishops to remove Gregory as pope. Gregory excommunicated Henry and asked the nobles to overthrow him. Henry wanted to stay in power and went to Italy to ask the pope for forgiveness. Gregory refused to see him so Henry waited outside barefoot in the snow for three days before the pope accepted his apology and allowed him back into the church.

7 Scenario #2 Pope Gregory VII vs Emperor Henry IV 1073 1122 a new pope and emperor reach a compromise. Church officials would appoint all bishops. Bishops were required to obey the emperor.

8 Analyzing Points of View Turn to page 262. Read the Points of View quotes and answer these questions aloud: – Who wrote these letters? Who were they addressed to? When where they written? – How are their points of view different? – Who do you agree with? Why?

9 Scenario #3 Causes of the Crusades Turkish Muslims captured the city of Jerusalem. They close the Holy Land to pilgrims from Europe and attack them. Turks begin to raid the Byzantine Empire which asks for help from Pope Urban II. The pope agrees to help and calls on Christians from all over Europe to stop fighting each other and fight the Turks. Thousands of Crusaders meet in France to prepare for their journey.

10 Scenario #4 The Inquisition 1100 some Christians begin to question the church’s teachings and believed that the clergy was greedy. They preach new ideas about religion. Church officials sent priests and friars throughout Europe to find heretics (people who opposed church teachings). Most people who were accused were found guilty and fined, imprisoned, tortured, and even killed. 1200s Pope Innocent III called a crusade against heretics in southern France. Thousands died in the resulting war against heretics.

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