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The Hero’s Journey.

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1 The Hero’s Journey

2 Refusal of the Call: Does the character accept the call immediately
Refusal of the Call: Does the character accept the call immediately? Why or why not?

3 Answering the Call: What motivates the character to accept the call?

4 Supernatural Aid: Who or what “otherworldly” characters help the hero on his journey?

5 Guide/Mentor: Who helps the hero understand the life situation or provides the hero with special training?

6 Talisman: What particular item has special significance to the hero?

7 Crossing the Threshold: When does the hero leave the familiar world and move into a new, unfamiliar world?

8 Threshold Guardians: Who tries to prevent the hero from crossing over into the unfamiliar territory or circumstance?

9 Road of Trials: What specific challenges does the hero face?

10 Night or Sea Journey: Where do the hero’s travels take him?

11 Companions: Who helps the hero on his journey?

12 Meeting the Goddess: What character with special beauty and power does the hero encounter?

13 Sacred Marriage: Whom does the hero share a special emotional bond with? (It could literally be a marriage with another character.)

14 Abduction: When is the character kidnapped, or when is someone/something close to the hero kidnapped?

15 Magic Flight/Pursuit: When is the hero chased or otherwise trying to escape something?

16 Dragon Battle: When does the hero battle some kind of monster or face an inner-demon?

17 Brother Battle: How does the hero battle physically or mentally with someone who is a relative or a close friend?

18 Entering the Belly of the Whale: When does the hero face his deepest fear or the darkest evil in the story?

19 Ritual Death or Dismemberment: When is the hero injured and thought to be dead? Does the hero mistakenly believe someone close to him is dead? Does the hero suffer an injury in which he loses a limb or use of some other body part?

20 Rescue from Without: When is the point in the story when all seems hopeless, when it looks like the hero is going to die, then he is rescued suddenly and unexpectedly?

21 Ultimate Boon/Magic Elixir: What “magic potion” or key to the problem the hero is attempting to resolve is discovered?

22 Deification: When is the hero is held up as an ideal or worshipped as a god?

23 Refusal of the Return: How does the hero initially refuse to return to the homeland or the place that he began the journey?

24 Atonement (“at one with”) with or Recognition by the Father: When is the hero reunited with his father/father-figure in some way?

25 Crossing the Return Threshold: When does the hero clearly returns “home”?

26 Master of Two Worlds: When does it appear that the hero has conquered life in both the familiar and unfamiliar worlds?

27 Freedom to Live: Since the hero typically beings the journey to resolve a problem, when is the problem is at last resolved so that all can live freely?

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