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FP5000 Refer to for the latest information on this constantly evolving

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1 FP5000 Refer to for the latest information on this constantly evolving

2 FP5000 Product Overview Microprocessor design combines protection, metering and control into a single compact package Flexible configuration and programmable logic control for custom applications Easy navigation keys and menu structure make it simple and safe to use Meets ANSI, UL and CUL standards

3 FP5000 Product Overview User Interface –Latching cover and Password protection for security –4 x 20 character vacuum fluorescent display for improved readability –18 status LED’s for trip, alarm, breaker status and display mode indication Battery backed up trip LED for target indication even if station is dead –Direct access to monitoring, view settings, logs and status/control screens –Breaker open/close buttons can provide direct breaker control when enabled

4 FP5000 Product Overview Hardware –Advanced 32 bit Microprocessor design –Compact drawout case design for easy installation and removal –Four currents inputs (1A or 5A) Measured three phase and ground currents Calculated residual ground current –Four voltage inputs Three phase plus fourth auxiliary voltage measurement

5 FP5000 Product Overview Hardware –8 optically isolated contact inputs –5 trip rated “a” contact outputs 2 outputs with circuit continuity monitoring –2 form c alarm contacts One is for relay healthy alarm –C-H Zone Interlocking Circuitry –Inputs and outputs are user configurable

6 FP5000 Protection Features One-line Drawing

7 Instantaneous Overcurrent 50 (P,X,R)

8 FP5000 Protection Features Three phase and ground overcurrent (50P-1, 50P-2, 50P-3, 51P and 50R-1, 50R-2,50R-3,51R, 50X-1,50X-2,50X-3,51X) –Measured (X) and calculated (R) ground currents Negative sequence overcurrent (46-1, 46-2) Three phase over and under voltage protection (27M-1, 59M-1, 27M-2, 59M-2) Single phase over and under voltage protection (27A-1, 27A-2, 59A-1, 59A-2) Over and under frequency protection (81U-1, 81U-2, 81O-1, 81O-2)

9 FP5000 Protection Features Negative sequence over voltage protection (47-1,47-2) Breaker failure (50BF) –Internal Breaker Failure Initiation –External Breaker failure Initiation Apparent and Displacement Power factor (55A,55D) Four setting groups available

10 Time Overcurrent 51 (P,X,R)

11 Current Unbalance 46

12 Voltage Unbalance 47

13 Main Over Voltage 59M

14 Main Under Voltage 27M

15 Auxiliary Over Voltage 59X

16 Auxiliary Under Voltage 27X

17 Over Frequency 81O

18 Under Frequency 81U

19 Breaker Failure Logic

20 FP5000 Protection Features Zone Interlocking –Faster fault clearing times with better zone coordination –Stuck breaker (breaker failure) accelerated remote fault clearing –Phase and ground selectable –Extended range up to 1000’ –Works with DT3000

21 Zone Interlocking Fault @ Location 2 Relay @ CB2 sees fault & sends interlocking signal to upstream devices at CB1 Upstream devices continues to operate on normal set time for remote backup protection CB2 fast trips to interrupt fault If CB2 fails to interrupt fault in 10 cycles remote clearing of CB1 occurs Fault @ Location 1 Relay @ CB2 does not see the fault - no signal is sent to relay @ CB1 Relay @ CB1 sees fault but does not receive interlocking signal - Fast Trips Zone 1 Zone 2 CB1 Fault 2 FP5000 Protection Features CB2 Fault 1

22 FP-5000 Metering Features RMS Load Values –Currents - Ia, Ib, Ic, IX, IR, I Average –Voltages - LL, LN, VX, LL Average, LN Average –System Power - Watts, vars, VA –Power Factor, Frequency –% THD Voltage and Current –Magnitude THD Voltage and Currents Current accuracy ±0.5% or ±0.025 A Voltage accuracy ±0.5% or ±0.02 V Power accuracy ±1.5% worse case

23 FP5000 Metering Features Fundamental phasor measurements –Magnitude and phase angle of voltages and currents –Magnitude and phase angle of positive, negative and zero sequence voltages and currents –Percent voltage unbalance and phase rotation (%V2/V1) –Percent current unbalance and phase rotation (%I2/I1)

24 FP-5000 Metering Features Energy Measurements –System Watt Hours - Forward, Reverse, Net –System var Hours - Forward, Reverse, Net –System VA Hours –Start Date & Time for Energy Accumulation Minimum & maximum values –Phase and Ground Currents –Voltages - LL and LN –System Power –Frequency –Power Factor –time and date stamp

25 FP-5000 Monitoring Features Relay self-diagnostics and Relay Healthy Alarm Output (failsafe operation) –Memory and setting checks –Calibration and A/D monitoring –Power supply monitoring –Watchdog timer Trip circuit monitoring and alarming Close circuit monitoring and alarming

26 FP-5000 Monitoring Features Circuit breaker monitoring and Alarming –Breaker open/close state and indication –Operation counter and alarm –Breaker wear alarm (accumulated interrupted current per phase) –52 auxiliary contact monitoring with 52a and 52b contact inputs connected –Sluggish breaker operation monitoring –Loss of Vacuum monitoring –Stuck breaker (breaker failure)

27 Breaker Duty

28 Breaker Monitoring Logic

29 FP5000 Logic & Control Features

30 FP-5000 Logic & Control Features Breaker open and close logic with front panel open/close control Power factor monitoring and cap bank switching control Output contact logic gate control Overcurrent blocking gates Multiple setting group selection and control Main-tie-main transfer schemes

31 FP-5000 Logic & Control Features Programmable logic control function –Six programmable logic gates AND OR, NAND, NOR 4 programmable inputs –Six programmable timers Pick up time delay Drop out time delay –Two Latching logic gates –Use internal or external signals


33 FP-5000 Data Logging Features Event Log Trip Log History Log Data Logger (communication access only) Waveform Capture (communication access only)

34 FP-5000 Data Logging Features Event log records 100 events with date and time stamp ( 1 ms resolution) –Event Types General –Control power on/off –Breaker open/close –Reset demand, min/max, energy –Change settings Trip, alarm, pickup, dropout Input / output state change Self-test warning

35 FP-5000 Data Logging Features Trip log records last 16 trips –Date & time stamp (1 ms resolution) –Fault type, status –Trip counter, event number, osc buffer –Time to trip (51 elements) –Phase currents & voltages (rms. and phasor) –Frequency –I/O and logic states

36 FP-5000 Data Logging Features History log records accumulated values –Number of operating hours –Number of trips –Number of breaker operations –Accumulated interrupted amps per phase –Times powered up –Number of setting changes –Date and time stamp of last reset

37 FP-5000 Data Logging Features Data logger –1024 records in 128 blocks –Each block: timestamp & 8 records –Log 8 quantities in each record Default configuration logs currents & voltages Select from V, I, Power, PF, Freq, %THD, Demand, Contact inputs/outputs –Select logging interval from 1 s to 1 hour –Select continuous or single pass logging –Trigger: auto, Cin, Logic, PB, Comm.

38 FP-5000 Data Logging Features Waveform Capture –256 cycles of data storage –Select Trigger: Pickup, Trip, Cin, dV/dI, Logic, PB, Comm. –Number of pre-trigger cycles is configurable –Stored Parameters –32 samples per cycle: 4 Currents, 4 Voltages –Once a cycle: rms and phasor Voltages & Currents Frequency, Fault Type Input & Output States Pickup, Trip, Alarm, & Logic States

39 Power Port Main Screen Device Status Communication Settings

40 FP-5000 Display Setpoints System Configuration Settings

41 FP-5000 Display Setpoints Trip1 Output Relay Settings

42 FP-5000 Change Setpoints System Configuratio n Settings

43 FP-5000 Change Setpoints Protection Setting Group 1 Overview

44 FP-5000 Change Setpoints Phase Overcurren t Settings –51P ITOC –50P-1 IOC –50P-2 IOC

45 FP-5000 Change Setpoints Current & Voltage Unbalance Under & Over Voltage Protection

46 FP-5000 Change Setpoints Breaker Failure Power Factor Over & Under Frequency Protection

47 FP-5000 Change Setpoints Datalogger Configuration

48 FP-5000 Change Setpoints Waveform Capture Configuration

49 FP-5000 Change Setpoints Contact Input Configuration

50 FP-5000 Change Setpoints Trip 1 Output Relay Settings

51 FP-5000 Change Setpoints Indicator Settings

52 FP-5000 Monitoring Metering Overview

53 FP-5000 Monitoring Voltage Phasors

54 FP-5000 Monitoring Overcurrent Protection Function Status

55 FP-5000 Monitoring Input Status

56 FP-5000 Monitoring Output Status

57 FP-5000 Control Relay Control Reset Functions Active Setting Group Control

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