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ModCon® 75 Controller.

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1 ModCon® 75 Controller

2 ModCon75 Controller The perfect partner to the Ultima® X with X3 Technology! It’s simple… Connect Assign Start using Don’t waste time configuring a new PLC MSA did it for you!

3 ModCon75 Overview ModBus RTU Controller
View up to 25 Ultima X3 Transmitters 75 Total Sensors! Self-configuring IP65 / NEMA4X (front-panel) 12 / 24 VDC

4 ModCon75 Overview Bi-directional communication allows changes to be made at either ModCon75 or at the Ultima X3 alarm set points latching/non-latching increasing/decreasing on/off

5 ModCon75 Overview Event logging ~ 2000 events 9 - Zone Control Relays
1 - Horn Relay (O9) Sensor alarms Enable / Disable Alarm On / Off Delay Latching / Unlatching Increasing / Decreasing Password Protected

6 ModCon75 Overview 10 SPST Dry Contact Relays
SPST, NO relays 5A max per output 8A max for common 7 year battery back-up on memory memory sections real-time clock ModBus over Ethernet Interface – OPC Compliant (graphic displays, data-logger, etc.) cUL Listed for panel mount version

7 ModCon75 Controller Panel Mount (user installed)
6.1”H x 10.2”W x 3.5”D 3 lbs. Supports up to 25 X3 Transmitters (75 sensors) 9 assignable alarm / zone relays Universal RS232 to RS485 Converter

8 ModCon75 Enclosures NEMA 4X Non-metallic Enclosure
17.3”H x 15.3”W x 6.7”D 18 lbs. Supports up to 25 X3 Transmitters (75 sensors) 9 assignable alarm / zone relays 115VAC Power Supply Universal RS232 to RS485 Converter

9 ModCon75 Main Screen F1-adds another MODBUS node (UltimaX3 transmitter) to the network F2-sets alarms Enable / disable increasing / decreasing Energized / de-energized latching / non-latching set-point values F3-Main Data Screen F4-Displays set-point values only F5-Password Editor - 2 levels MSA Default User programmable (default=0) F6-Displays communication status F7-Fault Status Screen – Automatic when X3 goes into fault F8-Zone Control – Setting up local relays for alarm and fan control F9- Remote IO Editor

10 ModCon75 Controller F1 Add Units to Network
Password protected (Default=0) Use this screen to connect new X3 sensor. Factory default is this will change address to this number. Hit ESC to go back to Main Screen

11 ModCon75 Controller F2 Add Set-points
F2-will take you to password screen and then to a screen showing current set-point values. These values are read from the X3 Enter advances to next screen ESC takes you back to main screen

12 ModCon75 Controller F2 Add Set-points Cont.
Displays Current Values for Unit # (Node ID) for Sensor 1 presets F6- Skip to Sensor 2 Presets, enter will allow one to change presets.

13 ModCon75 Controller Add Set-points Cont. Sensor 2 Preset Screen

14 ModCon75 Controller Add Set-points Cont. Sensor 3 Preset Screen

15 ModCon75 Controller Add Set-points Cont. Displays all Presets
F7- Sends new presets to X3 ESC- Aborts and returns to main screen

16 ModCon75 Controller Add Set-points Cont.
Screen will indicate successful write or unsuccessful write

17 ModCon75 Controller F3 Main Data Screen
F1-Scrolls thru all units (nodes) on the ModBus network F2- Allows one to view a specific unit (Node) F3-Adjust the scroll time reading each node

18 ModCon75 Typical Display
Typical Display showing 3 sensors on node 2 of the Ultima X3 controller ESC-Back to Main screen

19 ModCon75 Controller → Goes to presets for Sensor 2
F4 – Display Sensor presets F4- Display Sensor presets only (Screen will not allow changing presets) → Goes to presets for Sensor 2

20 ModCon75 Controller F5 – Password Editor
F1-Password Default is MSA defaulted password F2- Defaulted Password is 0. User can change this password for unauthorized changes

21 ModCon75 Controller F6 – MODBUS Alarms
Screen showing ModBus communications failures and identification of failed unit # (node #)

22 ModCon75 Controller F7 – Fault Status Screen
Example of Diagnostic screen Identifying Unit ID as well as the actual fault on unit ID Automatic when fault occurs

23 ModCon75 Controller F8 – Zone Control Enables / disables alarms Increasing / decreasing Latch / unlatch Setting zone control relays. Screen is password protected First Screen to enable / disable alarms Second Screen to set Increasing or Decreasing alarms

24 ModCon75 Controller F8 – Zone Control Cont.
Third Screen for setting latching / unlatching alarms Zone control relays for caution, warning and alarm settings for Sensors 1, 2, and 3

25 ModCon75 Controller F8 Zone Control Cont.
F6- will send all changes to the X3 controller and also set the relays on the controller to activate Locally based on set-point settings and relay numbers entered on the zone control menu Response back for verification that all values were sent successfully ESC-must hit escape to take one back to main screen

26 ModCon75 Event Logging Event logging – Time date and stamp of all events (events are any fault alarms or alarms) Logging will be done on any alarm and will continue to log at a preset rate until sensor goes out of alarm. Data logging is first in first out. ModCon 75 can record ~2000 events. Time / Date Stamp Zone # Unit # Sensor # Gas Type Gas Reading Status 03/20/ :01PM 01 3 LEL 10% Caution

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