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12-Port IP Power Manager IPM-12002.  Product Overview  Product Features  Applications  Comparison Presentation Outline 2 / 15.

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1 12-Port IP Power Manager IPM-12002

2  Product Overview  Product Features  Applications  Comparison Presentation Outline 2 / 15

3 Product Overview  Front Panel 3 / 15 Serial (CONSOLE) Port Reset button Input Power Status Indicator Output Power Status Indicator Status Indicator 2 x Digital Output Daisy-chaining Mode DIP Switch 2 x Breaker (16A)

4 Product Overview  Rear Panel 4 / 15 Ethernet Port Daisy-Chaining Port Input Power Inlet :200-240VAC 50/60Hz, 16A 12 x Power Outlet Voltage: 200-240VAC 50/60Hz

5 Product Features  Hardware 19" rack mount 1U size design Cascade controls up to 72 outlets from Daisy-chaining port 12 LEDs shows power status of each power outlet 7 segment LEDs shows current, voltage or frequency, error code and the number of Daisy-chaining 12 Power Outlets can be turned on or off in multiple ways and with easy monitoring of current consumption Versatile sensors supported through EMD (Environmental Monitoring Device) inputs Activate extended devices via Digital outputs 5 / 15

6 Product Features  Power Distribution Maximum Amps/Inlet: IEC C20 16A / 1 inlet Maximum Amps/Outlet: IEC C13 10A / 12 outlets Supports multiple power control methods: Wake on LAN, System After AC Back, Kill the Power  Remote Access Remote power control via TCP/IP and a built-in 10/100Mbps Ethernet port Comprehensive power management and flexible configuration through web browser, NMS, Telnet, SNMP, or HyperTerminal (console) Multi browsers support (IE, Google, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Netscape) 6 / 15

7 Product Features  Management Calculates the power consumption on hourly basis, and accumulation on daily basis Provides detail data-logging for statistical analysis and diagnostic, then auto e-mails daily history report Events notification by pop-up, sending trap or e-mail Sets Over-current watchdog for each outlet Power-on sequencing - Intelligently turn on/off devices based on event occurrence or planned schedule Supports Management Information Base (MIB) files for SNMP Upgrade utility for easy firmware upgrade  Security Support SSL V3 (Secure Socket Layer ) and SSH V1 (Secure Shell ) protocols Administrator and multiple users with password protection for double-layer security IP Filter - Address-specific IP security masks to prevent unauthorized access 7 / 15

8 Web Management  Easy Maintenance and Configuration PLANET IPM-12002 is a 12-Port IP Power Management device that provides powerful function of managing power for any combination to connect with itself. 8 / 15 The panel will synchronous with the Front Panel The panel shows Power Management, Environment, System, Network and Logs. The panel shows the outlets, input power, input current and Cumulative Kilo-Watt Hours.

9 Product Features  Remotely manage power from anywhere in the world The IPM-12002 provides event-triggered or schedule-based control to turn on or turn off the connected equipments or to reboot systems. 9 / 15

10 Product Features  EMD (Environmental Monitoring Device) The IPM-12002 is equipped with a console port for connecting an EMD (Environmental Monitoring Device) to senses temperature and humidity along with two alarms that can be activated when the sensors show unusual values. 10 / 15

11 Product Features  Cascade controls up to 6 IPM from single console The IPM-12002 can be daisy-chained to manage even more devices. 11 / 15

12 Applications  Remote management via network With PLANET IP Power Management device (or PDU, Power Distribution Unit), users can control and monitor a server room locally or remotely through Internet. 12 / 15 Schedule Power ON/OFF Power Monitor Wake On LAN

13 Comparison Model Feature IPM-12002IPM-8002 Output Port 12 8 Digital Output 2 2 Management interface Web, SNMP, NMS, Telnet, Console Daisy-chaining 6N/A Schedule VV Multi-user management VV Power-on sequencing VV IP Filter VV Event Log VV EMD supported VV Wake On Lan VV Time Adjustment VV Email notification VV WOL VV Breaker 16A15A 13 / 19

14  Target Markets / Customers Factory Automation PMS Transportation Automation PMS Internet Service Provider PMS Data Center Financial / Bank Computer Room Education / School Computer Room Telecom Computer Room Government Computer Room Military Rugged Computer Room  Target Customers Who buys IP Power Manager IPM-8002, IPM-8001 Appendix - Sales Target 14 / 15

15 Appendix  Ordering Information Model Name Description IPM-12002-EU12-Port IP Power Manager (200~240V)- EU type IEC C20 cable IPM-12002-US12-Port IP Power Manager (200~240V)-US type IEC C20 cable IPM-12002-UK12-Port IP Power Manager (200~240V)-UK type IEC C20 cable Model Name Description IPM-EMDEnvironmental Monitoring Device IPM-12001-US12-Port IP Power Manager (100~125V)- US type IEC C20 cable  Related IP Power Manager 15 / 15


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