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President, Fully Effective Employees, Inc. 425-454-3003 or 1-800-648-5834.

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1 President, Fully Effective Employees, Inc. 425-454-3003 or 1-800-648-5834

2 Wellness: A condition of good physical and mental health, especially when maintained by proper diet, exercise and habits. EAP is a partner in corporate wellness

3 There are 7 aspects to wellness Emotional Physical Intellectual Social Spiritual Environmental Occupational

4 A confidential, worksite based program paid for by the employer to assist employees in dealing with personal, emotional and work related problems. EAPs deal with: alcohol and drug problems, gambling and other addictions, family and relationship difficulties, financial problems, work issues, stress, anxiety and depression and many more.

5 An EAP can help employees, their families and the employer, deal with all 7 aspects of wellness, particularly the emotional, social, and occupational aspects.

6 Assessment Brief Counseling Referral Follow up Case Management

7 Financial difficulties and worries about foreclosure, bankruptcy and job loss- EAP can provide resources and referrals, emotional aspects Relationship difficulties causing depression and stress- EAP can provide brief problem resolution and referrals for ongoing counseling if needed A family member has an alcohol problem- EAP offers support and treatment resources. Emotional problems causing depression, stress and anxiety- EAP provides assessment, referral and case management.

8 Stress- personal, emotional, financial, family, work or emotional problems lead to stress. Stress unmanaged leads to performance issues and physical problems and both cause the employer a lot of money. In addition to stress management programs, EAP offers employees the opportunity to talk about their concerns confidentially and put an action plan in place to reduce the cause of the stress. i.e. ongoing counseling, support groups, referrals, etc

9 Psychological symptoms of stress can manifest themselves as a physical problem such as panic attack that feels like a heart attack. Difficult to determine- must be determined by a doctor. Even if just a panic attack, stress left untreated can cause: Heart attack, chest pains, stroke High blood pressure Insomnia, headaches, stomach pains, muscle pain

10 Affects us: Emotionally Physically Behaviorally Organizationally

11 Irritable, angry, impatient Worry, anxiety Self-doubt Sadness, depressed, tearful Hopeless Overwhelmed

12 Sleep changes Appetite changes Withdrawal from others and activities Temper outbursts Abuse of alcohol and/or drugs

13 Decreased attention span and inability to concentrate Impaired memory and decision making Increase in mistakes and accidents

14 Absenteeism Poor morale Decreased productivity Loss of commitment to the organization Increased turnover

15 Time Management Relaxation Techniques Healthy diet, exercise and rest Change your thinking- glass half full Talk to others to get support Seek professional help Say no and limit what you can do, prioritize

16 EAP can provide trainings Management consultation Resources and information Assist with drug policies Assist with performance issues and mandatory referrals to the EAP

17 Fatalities, injuries, accidents. Can cause extreme reactions including insomnia, flashbacks, nightmares and physical illness. These are normal reactions to an abnormal event. Safety managers and HR can be traumatized when multiple incidents occur. Both employees and employer need support.

18 Crisis management or critical incident debriefing A fatal or serious accident occurs, driver is traumatized and afraid to return to the road and fears losing his job if he tells the employer. EAP helps normalize the feelings and reactions, offers support, coping techniques and counseling if needed.

19 80% Voluntary- stress, depression, anxiety 20% referred by employer- Informal Referral- personal problems, EAP offered, confidential, no information to employer Formal Referral- performance problem or positive drug test, or violation of company policy

20 Addiction is a progressive disease, if left untreated can become fatal. Hereditary. If used on the job or regularly after hours, can cause impairment, accidents, injury or fatality. Addiction is a disease of denial- many people will avoid or blame, rather than seek help or do anything to keep using until they reach their bottom.

21 10% of the workforce is affected by drug or alcohol problems- either themselves, a family member or co- worker-creates extreme stress Most drug users are employed. Stimulants used in the trucking industry to stay awake, drive long haul, increase hours on the road. Marijuana is a big problem, stays in system a long time.

22 Early detection and resolution of problems before they get worse. Improves employee health, happiness, productivity and safety. Increases morale, reduces turnover, assists in recruiting and retaining good employees.

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