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Appendicular Skeleton Continued

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1 Appendicular Skeleton Continued
Marieb Exercise 11, pgs

2 Pelvis and Pelvic Girdle
2 coxal bones form girdle plus sacrum and coccyx = pelvis anterior articulation at pubic symphysis posterior articulation with sacrum (sacroilliac)

3 False Pelvis false (greater): portion superior to pelvic brim or inlet
supports abdominal viscera, but DOES NOT restrict childbirth

4 True Pelvis true (lesser): pelvic brim or inlet and inferior
encloses the pelvic cavity dimensions are critical for childbirth pelvic inlet: superior most opening pelvic outlet: inferior most opening

5 Male vs. Female Pelvis See Table 11.1 in Marieb for details Females
wider pelvic inlet and outlet wider pubic arch

6 Coxal Bones: 3 fused regions
Ilium, Ischium, & Pubis Acetabulum (wine cup) where the 3 bones fuse recieves the head of the femur Obturator foramen hole formed by fusion of pubis and ischium blood vessels and nerves pass from pelvic cavity into thigh

7 medial view Ilium iliac crest iliac spines mark attachment of muscles and ligaments: anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS) anterior inferior iliac spine (AIIS) Posterior SIS PIIS greater sciatic notch sciatic nerve passes to lower limbs lateral view

8 ischium ischial spine ischial tuberosity lesser sciatic notch
medial view ischium ischial spine posterior to acetabulum ischial tuberosity bear body weight when seated lesser sciatic notch blood vessels, nerves and a small muscle pass here lateral view

9 medial view Pubis lateral view

10 Femur Greater and Lesser Trochanter Head Neck linea aspera
where large tendons attach to the femur Head fovea capitis where ligament attaches femur to acetabulum of pelvis Neck linea aspera attachment of hip muscles

11 Femur medial/lateral condyles adductor tubercle
knee joint adductor tubercle adductor magnus muscle popliteal surface (fossa) posterior patellar surface (fossa) anterior

12 Patella A sesamoid bone enclosed in quadriceps tendon
secures anterior thigh muscle to tibia

13 Tibia (shin bone) larger medial leg bone medial/lateral condyles
knee joint with femur intercondylar eminence tibial tuberosity attachment of patellar ligament

14 Tibia (shin bone) medial malleolus fibular notch
forms inner bulge of ankle fibular notch articulates with fibula

15 Fibula Lateral smaller bone lateral malleolus head
forms outer bulge of ankle head articulates with lateral condyles of tibia

16 The Foot 7 tarsals 5 metatarsals 14 phalanges

17 The Foot 2 largest tarsals support body weight calcaneus talus

18 The Foot Other 5 Tarsals Navicular 1st-3rd cuneiforms Cuboid
medial, intermediate, lateral Cuboid

19 The Foot Metatarsals (5) 1st-5th start at big toe

20 The Foot Phalanges (14) metatarsal 1 metatarsal 2-5
proximal and distal only metatarsal 2-5 proximal, middle and distal

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