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Pelvic Girdle and Lower Limb

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1 Pelvic Girdle and Lower Limb
Coxa Femur Patella Tibia Fibula Tarsals Metatarsals Phalanges

2 Coxa Have 2 Pelvis 3 portions: Ilium: top portion
Ischium: bottom posterior, supports weight while sitting Pubis: bottom anterior portion

3 Ilium Portion of Coxa Iliac Crest: muscles attach here
Anterior Superior Iliac Spine: muscles attach here

4 Ischium portion of coxa
Ischial Tuberosity: flattened roughened area muscles attachment site Ischial Spine: muscles attach, on posterior side

5 Pubic portion of coxa Acetabulum: articulates with head of femur
Obturator Foramen: largest foramen in body, arteries through here Pubic Arch Symphysis Pubis

6 Femur Have 2 Largest, heaviest bone in body
Head: articulates with coxa

7 Femur Greater Trochanter:
Lesser Trochanter: on posterior/medial side b/c of way gluteal muscles cross Linea Aspera: attachment for muscles, on posterior Lateral and Medial Condyle: articulates with tibia

8 Patella Have 2 Kneecap Forms within the Quadriceps femoris tendon

9 Tibia Lower leg Medial and anterior
Lateral & Medial Condyle: articulate with femur Tibial Tuberosity: attachment for patellar ligament Medial Malleolus: articulates with talus

10 Fibula Have 2 Posterior and lateral Head
Lateral Malleolus: articulates with talus

11 Foot 26 bones in each foot Tarsals = 7 Metatarsals = 5 Phalanges = 14

12 Tarsals Ankle Talus Calcaneus Navicular Cuboid
Lateral, Intermediate, and Medial Cuneiform

13 Metatarsals 5 in each foot Make up sole and arch of foot
Numbered 1-5, starting at the Great Toe Metatarsal 1, etc…

14 Phalanges 14 in each foot Great Toe has 2: All other toes have 3:
Proximal and Distal All other toes have 3: Proximal, Middle and Distal Numbered 1-5 starting at Great Toes

15 Hyoid Bone Inferior to Skull Not in direct contact with any bone
Attachment for muscles of tongue and larynx

16 Auditory Ossicles 3 tiny bones: From lateral to medial
Malleus: connected to ear drum “hammer” Incus: “anvil” Stapes: conducts vibrations to inner ear “stirrup” From lateral to medial

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