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Marriotts Ridge High School Class of 2015

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1 Marriotts Ridge High School Class of 2015
Please be seated in the 1st five rows. Senior Parent Night

2 Agenda Expectations & Attendance-Dr. Kaufman Graduation – Mrs. Rashid
Student Services- Mrs. Dubbs Senior Class Activities After Prom Question and Answer Session

3 Senior Week Schedule Final Exams Class Night, Tuesday 5/19 7-10PM
Class Acts, 5/21 Farewell Assembly Rehearsal, 5/19 Graduation Rehearsal, 5/20 Senior Evening of Excellence, 5/20 Farewell Assembly, 5/21 Senior Picnic, 5/21 Graduation, 5/28 at 12:00 PM

4 Senior Week Attendance
Attendance at rehearsals and activities is mandatory. Students must have an approved early dismissal or absence note. Illness on the day of a rehearsal or event should be reported to the front office by the student’s parent/guardian by 7:25 A.M.

5 Caps and Gowns Required attire for the Commencement Ceremony and the Farewell Assembly. All students must order a cap and gown or borrow one from a 2013 or 2014 graduate-only. Orders can be placed with Balfour online or via mail. Vendor link is provided on the Senior Info page of the MRHS website

6 Caps and Gowns Boys wear blue; girls wear white
Caps and gowns will be distributed during the Farewell Assembly rehearsal to students with accounts in good standing. Wrinkles can be removed by with indirect application of steam. Do not iron the gowns. Only HCPSS approved regalia may be worn with the cap and gown. Each honor society distributes its own regalia.

7 Farewell Assembly and Graduation Ceremony Attire
Caps are worn straight on the head with the deep part at the back and the tassel over the left temple. Caps will not fit easily with all hair styles; hair styles should be adjusted accordingly. No informal footwear will be permitted. Ie. Sneakers, athletic shoes, boots, flip flops, etc.

8 Farewell Assembly and Graduation Ceremony Attire
Females should wear an all white or light pastel dress, skirt or dress pants and light colored dress shoes. Males should wear white or light colored collared shirts, a necktie, dark dress pants, and dark socks and shoes. All shirts are to be buttoned and collars worn inside the gown.

9 Graduation Ceremony Males and females will sit in alternating rows
Boys will process on the left side and females on the right side of the pavilion when facing the stage Students will line up in the loge rows, boys on the left, girls on the right

10 Seating at Merriweather

11 Graduation Tickets Each graduate will receive 8 graduation tickets.
Requests for additional tickets can be made online using the link on the Senior Info page of the MRHS website. Requests are due due Friday, May 4th. Tickets will be distributed after the Senior Picnic to students with accounts in good standing.

12 Handicapped Seating Only vehicles with a MD state issued handicapped permit may park in the handicapped spaces at the Little Patuxent Parkway entrance. Handicapped seating requests (limited to two seats) can be made using the form on the Senior Info page of MRHS website.

13 Less Able Walkers Guests needing flatter terrain may be dropped off at the Little Patuxent Parkway entrance. Vehicles without a state issued handicapped parking permit will be directed to park in general parking after guest drop off. MPP does not provide wheelchairs

14 Graduation Video and Broadcast
DVD order forms will be available on the school’s website. Ceremony will be broadcast on HCPSS TV and the internet Comcast Channel 95 Verizon Channel 42

15 HCPSS Parent Employees
HCPSS guidelines require that these students receive their diplomas as a group. These names will be read at the end of the ceremony/alphabet. Requests to present diplomas can be made using the link on the Senior Info page of the MRHS website. The HCPSS established deadline for notifying the school is April 24th.

16 After the Ceremony Graduates will process out on opposite sides; males on the right, females on the left when facing the stage Graduates will receive their diplomas at the close of the ceremony at the 9:30 Club. Please plan to meet your graduate after they pick up their diploma.

Through our Naviance program, all seniors in Howard County will be expected to answer a Senior Survey – which will include questions regarding post secondary school acceptances, which school/college your student will attend, scholarships offered, and a Maryland State Survey that is required.

18 When the survey is ready for distribution, you and your student will receive an from me, through Naviance, prompting them to complete the Survey. The due date will be early May.

19 Senior Evening of Excellence
To celebrate winners of community scholarships, awards for extracurricular activities, and athletics. Students should dress in semi-formal attire (shirt/tie/dress pants, dress, dress pants/dress shirt) Date for this event: Wednesday, MAY 20th at 7:00 PM.

20 Senior Farewell Assembly
To celebrate winners of departmental awards, scholar recognition, EQUUS awards, fine arts performances and student speeches. Seating for this event is limited. With the entire senior class and the entire junior class, we have room for only invited parents/guests. Date for this event: Thursday, MAY 21st at 9:00 am.

21 Parent Notification If your student is going to be honored at either of these ceremonies, by being asked to stand at their seat or called up on stage OR Performing with a group You will receive a letter in the mail, one week before the event, indicating which ceremony they will be recognized at or performing in.

22 Class of 2015 End of Year Activities
Class Night at Turf Valley Country Club on 5/19/15 from 7:00pm-10:00pm Dinner will be served - Country club attire Ticket Price $ Tickets will be sold April 13th-May 8th, online, and during lunches on April 23rd, April 30th, and May 8th Class Picnic at School on last day for seniors-5/21 - Picnic food will be served

23 The 2015 After Prom Party will be held at the Glenwood Community Center from 11:30 PM until 3:30 AM.  No admittance after 12:30. All Juniors and Seniors are invited. Price is $10 – checks payable to “MRHS PTSA” and a permission slip is required, available at Bus tickets for $10 – from prom to after prom. Great food, prizes and awesome activities including Bubble Soccer, Human Foosball, Derby Racers, Movies, Casino Games and much, much more. Support “After Prom or Nothing” and please do not host private parties. **Mrs. Dankos

24 Thank you for your time and questions, have a terrific evening

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