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Senior Activities Meeting Orcutt Academy High School.

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1 Senior Activities Meeting Orcutt Academy High School

2 Agenda : Graduation Activities Senior Awards Graduation

3 PROM Saturday May 10 th Details  Charter Bus leaves OA at 5:00pm  Pictures will be taken at the Prom Venue  Catered Dinner – included in price  Bus Return to OA between 11:30- 12:00pm Ticket Sales/Cost: Cost- $100 per individual Oct- Jan 31 st Late sales - $140 per individual Deadline April 4 th  Capacity: 300 students

4 GRAD NIGHT Wednesday, June 4 th Details: Charter Bus leaves OA at 12:30pm All day park hopper tickets to Disneyland/California Adventure until 10pm Seniors only- grad night party until 3am Bus returns to OA around 7am, Thursday June 5 th Students will return to campus in the late afternoon for graduation practice Cost: $110 per individual


6 Scholarship Process

7 Academic and honored Scholar The title "Academic Excellence" will be awarded to graduating seniors who have a 9 – 12 weighted cumulative GPA greater than 3.5 and also have earned 240 credits or The title “Honored Scholar” will be awarded to graduating seniors who have a 9-12 weighted cumulative GPA of 4.0, have earned 240 credits or more, and completed the University of California (UC) a - g requirements.


9 JUNE 6, 2014 2:00 PM AHC GYM

10 Valedictorian and salutatorian Valedictorian is an academic title typically conferred upon the highest ranking student among their class. The first highest GPA student, at the conclusion of the seventh semester, will be the Valedictorian and invited to submit a speech to be delivered at Commencement. Salutatorian is an academic title given to the second highest graduate of the graduating class. The second highest GPA will be the Salutatorian and also be invited to deliver a speech at commencement. The speech will be written by the student and delivered to the principal, counselor and activities director by April 1. The GPA rank to decide Valedictorian and Salutatorian will be a total weighted academic GPA. If in the event there is more than one student with a ranking of 1 or 2, grades from junior year and first semester of senior year will be evaluated. The student who has higher grades in their classes during these terms will be ranked first.

11 Commencement Expectations Only those students who meet all graduation requirements prior to the graduation ceremony will be eligible to participate in the graduation ceremony and will be granted a diploma. Students who do not wish to participate in the graduation exercises will be issued a diploma upon completion of the school term in which the graduation requirements are completed. Students will not be allowed to march in the graduation ceremony if they have not completed all requirements prior to the date of graduation. Participation in commencement (graduation) exercises is a privilege at Orcutt Academy High School. The school and the Orcutt community expect commencement to be a positive, dignified event for all graduating seniors.

12 Graduation dress code expectations:  Males: Dress shirt with collar and tie, solid color dress slacks, socks, dress shoes.  Females: dress or dressy skirt or dress slacks and blouse, dress shoes or dress sandals.  NO denim jeans, shorts, tee shirts, bare midriffs, no white socks, no polo shirts, athletic shoes, beach attire, or flip flops.  If the dress code creates a financial hardship, please contact the Activities Office for more information on obtaining the appropriate attire.  Students will not be allowed to carry flowers, balloons, packages, bags, cameras, purses, etc. into the graduation ceremony. Parents and friends must wait until after the graduation ceremony to present the graduates with gifts, favors, or other mementos.  Caps and gowns shall be worn without alteration, without adornment, and without decoration or attachments. Students not complying will be denied participation in commencement activities.

13 Graduation Practice Tuesday, June 3rd – Senior Seminar Wednesday, June 4 th – Grad practice on campus during the school day before Grad Nite Thursday, June 5 th – Grad practice @ 5:30pm at Allan Hancock College Gym Students must attend practice to graduate unless prior approval is given by Mr. Carter.

14 Graduation Questions?

15 GRAD Packet Info…

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