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February 10 th 2014– 6:00 PM Atwater High School.

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1 February 10 th 2014– 6:00 PM Atwater High School

2 Evening Agenda Senior Grad Requirements 90% Attendance Policy Scholarship Night Graduation Regalia Graduation Speakers Graduation Practices Graduation Tickets and Diplomas Obligations Senior Activities Prom 2014 Grad Night at 6 Flags Senior Luau Dinner/Dance Sober Grad Bristow

3 To Graduate… All Seniors must pass their required classes second semester. All Seniors must pass both sections of the California High School Exit Exam. All Seniors must have fulfilled all 220 credits required, in the specific subject areas.

4 Parents……. Please actively check your student’s grades and progress during this final semester Senior Danger Notices If a senior is in danger of failing a class, a notice is given to the counselor by the teacher and parents are contacted. Notices come in between April 7 th and 11 th. Senior Failure Notices If a senior FAILS a class has no chance to pass, a Senior Failure Notice is submitted between May 27 th - 30 th. The counselor then contacts the parents.

5 California High School Exit Exam If a student does not pass the Exit Exam, but has fulfilled all their grade and credit requirements…. They will be allowed to participate in the ceremony They will receive a Certificate of Completion They will have two years to continue to take the Exit Exam – upon successful passing of the exam, the student will be awarded an AHS Diploma.

6 90% Attendance Policy District Attendance Requirements with NO Exceptions! Consequences of NOT Meeting Requirements NO Senior Activities; and NO Graduation Ceremony If you receive a notification letter home, or a dialer message regarding 90% attendance, your child is in Jeopardy! Make an appointment with Mr. Bristow to develop a rehabilitation plan Bristow

7 90% in a Nut Shell Students that miss over 108 periods throughout the school year, will not meet the 90% Attendance Policy COUNTED AGAINST STUDENT Illness (I) Absent (A) Unverified (Z) Truancy (O) Suspension (S) Unexcused absences (U) NOT COUNTED AGAINST STUDENT Medical (M) On Campus Suspension (X) Prior Approval (P) School Activities (V) Court (J) Bristow


9 Scholarship Night Thursday, May 15th 7:00 p.m. in the AHS Gym Invitation Only If your student has been awarded a scholarship, you will receive an invitation BLOSS Application Due by March 18 th Bristow

10 California Scholarship Federation (CSF) Gold Stole for 100% Attendance in CSF Seniors who qualify for a life-time 100% membership will be notified in March Bristow

11 Honor Cord Awards Gold Cord – 3.5 or higher GPA Red Cord - A minimum of 250 hours of Community Service required Final Deadline to submit Community Service Hours is May 1 st Career Pathway Cords – Senior Projects Cords distributed last week of school Bristow

12 Speaker-At-Large and National Anthem Tryouts Sign-Up in the Student Body Office in April Sign-Up Deadline is March 28 th Try-outs April 1 st Parameters Three minute maximum for speeches Bristow

13 Graduation Practice Falcon Field 8:00am June 2 nd, June 3 rd & June 4 th PRACTICES ARE MANDATORY Students w/obligations will be pulled from the lineup Failure to appear at practice may result in not participating in graduation ceremony Tickets will be handed out on Wednesday June 4 th after practice

14 Caps & Gowns EVERY STUDENT MUST WEAR A ROBE (Females wear white robes and Males wear blue) EVERY STUDENT MUST ORDER STOLE & TASSEL AT THIS POINT, ORDERS ARE MAIL-IN ON YOUR OWN. You should of received a packet- order by the date on it or prices go up again. Cap and Gown distribution – April 8 th

15 The Ceremony Appropriate Dress for Graduation Ceremony Men: Slacks, dress shirts, neckties, and appropriate dress shoes Women: Dresses or skirts, and appropriate dress shoes Inappropriate Dress Worn out tennis shoes, flip-flops, NO SPIKED HEELS!! Additions to the academic regalia not provided by the school Bristow


17 Graduation Tickets Number Available – 5 Tickets homeside; 3 tickets visitor side Requirements Cleared Obligations (a list is provided tonight) Diploma Distribution Immediately following ceremony in cafeteria YOU EARNED ONE EXTRA TICKET TONIGHT! Bristow

18 Yearbook Senior Ads in Yearbook Payment must be received by March 21 st to reserve your space Payments/pictures/text are due March 21 st Senior Prices/Sizes 1/8 (business card size=1 photo & text) - $40 ¼ page - $90 (still available) ½ page - $160 (still available) Full page - $280 May 22 nd —Distribution of Yearbooks to Seniors Contact Mrs. Medeiros for more information ! Braga

19 Example of Senior Ad- ½ page

20 Example of Senior Ad- ¼ page

21 Senior Activities April 23 rd, 25 th, 30th Students are required to be at school during testing week (90% attendance) Activities will include: Senior Workshops Senior Interviews Senior Lip Dub/Cap Gown Distribution Braga

22 PROM 2014 Saturday, May 10 th @ Modesto Centre Plaza Tickets will be on sale starting beginning of April (Approx cost: <$50) Transportation will be provided or a waiver signed Formal Attire Obligations must be cleared Guest passes must be turned in by May 8 th Braga

23 Senior Trip to 6 Flags Date Thursday & Friday, May 29 th and May 30 th Sign-Ups have started 220 tickets sold on a first come, first pay basis $175 per Student oFirst deposit of $60 due Friday- GUARANTEES SPOT oNo refunds after Friday, April 4 th oFinal payment due by Thursday, April 17th Proper Attire Required oDetailed handout week prior to trip Searches before loading buses Braga

24 Senior Luau/Senior Sunset Planned by Seniors – For AHS Seniors ONLY Pool/Dance/Food $5 Tickets Casual Attire June 2 nd at 7:00 Braga

25 Sober Grad Information Talon Academy Time and Place June 6th – 10:00 PM – 5:00 AM at Winton Middle School VOLUNTEERS NEEDED Tickets required – Prices $20.00 (if purchased before April 12 th Purpose Safe, Sane, and Sober FUN! Braga



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