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THE CLASS OF 2015 Graduation Information for Parents & Students.

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1 THE CLASS OF 2015 Graduation Information for Parents & Students

2 THE BIG DAY Sunday, June 7, 2015 2:00 PM McDaniel College

3 ELIGIBILITY TO PARTICIPATE ***CCPS Required Announcement*** All graduation requirements must be met by the date of graduation. Talk with school counselor and advisor about credits. Seniors who are required to attend summer school after the date of graduation to make up or to meet requirements will not be allowed to participate in graduation exercises until the following year.

4 Important Dates October 27-28, 2014 Order Cap and Gown and Announcements during lunch shifts. Price: approximately $30 for Cap and Gown only Late March- Early April 2015 Cap and Gown and Announcement Distribution on lunch shifts or in the Main Office after 1:00 PM At close of this meeting, 3 students who are present with a parent will WIN a FREE Cap and Gown

5 Graduation Dress Code Gentlemen Black robe with black cap and 2015 tassel White dress shirt (long or short sleeve) Solid dark-colored tie (no patterns), preferably black Dark (navy or black) dress slacks Black dress shoes (no sneakers or Sanuks!) Black dress socks

6 Graduation Dress Code Ladies Red robe with red cap and 2015 tassel Solid light-colored dress or skirt/blouse (no patterns or bright colors) Black low-heeled dress shoes (no flip-flops)

7 Notes for everyone No jewelry or flowers are to be worn on the gown other than school service awards and honor pins. Gowns should NOT be ironed. Gowns should be removed from their bags and allowed to hang loosely for at least ONE WEEK before graduation rehearsals. Students who do not arrive in appropriate clothing will not be allowed to participate in the Farewell Assembly, Community Awards, or Graduation.

8 FORMS Available in Graduation Booklet (March) Diploma Forms (January, due before February 1) Special needs seating Seating for hearing impaired guests Request for extra tickets Non-participation form Senior Scholarship Awards All forms due back to Main office by May 15

9 Students who submit scholarship information will be recognized at one of the senior awards ceremonies (in Graduation Booklet) RECOGNITION

10 EXTRA TICKETS FOR GRADUATION Tickets per graduate determined by McDaniel College (TBA) Limited number of extra tickets Requests for extra tickets by form in Graduation Booklet

11 GRADUATION REHEARSALS *June 1Senior Panoramic Photo and Dress Rehearsal, 7:30 AM- 12 Noon *June 2NCHS Rehearsal, 8-11 AM *June 3McDaniel College Rehearsal 8-10 AM *June 4Community Awards 6:30-9:00 PM *June 5Farewell Assembly 7:30-11 AM *June 7Graduation, 2:00 PM—Seniors report 1:00 PM ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY AT ABOVE EVENTS

12 POLICIES Exams – Must be completed by May 29 Obligations – Disciplinary, monetary, uniform obligations must be cleared in order to get tickets – Students receive obligation printouts during Advisory, or they can check in the main office Tickets to Ceremony –Distributed at June 1 rehearsal

13 Graduation Student Speaker January- Any senior may sign up for speaking competition. February- Speaking candidates meet with faculty for instruction, coaching, and advice. Mid-March- Speakers compete after school in auditorium before faculty panel. April-May- Winner prepares graduation speech.

14 COMMUNITY AWARDS June 4 @ 7 PM Auditorium Graduation Attire Event is mandatory for graduates. Seating is first come-first served basis. No tickets necessary. Parents are encouraged to attend.

15 SENIOR FAREWELL ASSEMBLY June 5 @ 8 AM Auditorium Graduation Attire Seniors report 7:30 AM  Assembly is for seniors and NCHS students  School/Department awards  Recognition is listed in Graduation program

16 SEATING AT GRADUATION Doors to ceremony open at 1:00 PM. Seating is first come-first served. Lobby doors close to guests at 1:45 PM. Graduates line up through lobby at 1:50 PM. Processional starts at 2:00 PM. Video/photo from seats. CCPS provides live-stream video online.

17 FOR MORE INFORMATION Direct questions and comments to: Kim Dolch, Mary Ruhlman, Michele Seibel, Jason Cashen AlertNow messages will be sent to all senior parents as information becomes available and activities draw near.

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