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Reservoir High School Class of 2013

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1 Reservoir High School Class of 2013

2 Graduation Coordinator
Lisa Berzenski Graduation Coordinator (410)

3 Requesting a Final Transcript
Jill Altschuler, School Counselor Emily Mandile, Registrar

4 Bring in a stamped envelope:
Addressed to the school you will be paying for the rest of your life Student’s name written in pencil on the inside flap of the envelope Bring to Ms. Mandile in the registrars office by June 30 in order for it to get to your school prior to class registration

5 Sample Envelope Bates College Admissions Office, Lane Hall
2 Andrews Road Lewiston, ME FRONT Students Name written on inside flap in pencil BACK

6 Class of 2013 Class Board

7 Upcoming Senior Events
Prom Renaissance Harborplace Hotel in Baltimore May 4th 8-11pm Tickets $65 on sale during lunch through April 26 Ways you can help… We need help selling tickets during all lunches (10:15-12:15) over the next two weeks.

8 Upcoming Senior Events
Class Night May 20th 7-9pm Savage Mill Ballroom Tickets $15 Ways you can help… Help set up decorations before event. Send photos of your student’s HS experience to

9 Upcoming Senior Events
Senior Breakfast May 23 Paid for by the class Ways you can help… Serving food If someone would like to help organize this event I would greatly appreciate it.

10 North Laurel Community Center 9411 Whiskey Bottom Road Laurel
After Prom May 5, 12:00 – 4:00 am North Laurel Community Center 9411 Whiskey Bottom Road Laurel

11 After Prom Encourage your students to attend
Support us through donations Sign up to help save lives through volunteering

12 Ticket Sales $10 with signed permission slip and
no outstanding school debts.

13 Forms Forms:
Volunteer sign-up: Virginia Webb and Talisa Robinson, Co-chairs or or

14 Senior Calendar Important Dates
May 3 Non-Participation requests due to Mr.Saunderson May 16 Employee requests to give diplomas due in writing to Mrs. Berzenski Requests for Handicapped drop off and/or seating due

15 Senior Calendar Important Dates
Tuesday, May 21 – Friday, May 24 Graduation Rehearsals & Final Exams Thursday, May 23 Senior Breakfast 7:30 AM Senior Evening of Excellence, 7PM in RHS Auditorium Friday, May 24 Class Panoramic Picture Class Picnic

16 Senior Calendar Important Dates
Tuesday, May 28, 2013 Graduation Ceremony Merriweather Post Pavilion 12PM

17 Graduation Rehearsals
Although participation in the graduation ceremony is voluntary, attendance at all senior meetings is mandatory. Be on time and stay the full time. If a student experiences an emergency illness on the day of a scheduled practice, the student’s parent/guardian must call the office by 7:25 A.M. to explain the reason for the absence. The principal reserves the right to exclude from graduation any student missing a rehearsal.

18 Caps & Gowns Cap and gowns are required attire for the Commencement Ceremony, Senior Evening of excellence, and the Senior Panoramic Picture. Caps & gowns will be distributed on Wednesday, May 22 during rehearsal. Hang up immediately to eliminate wrinkles. DO NOT IRON.

19 Dress Code Females should wear an all white or light pastel dress without patterns, and light color dress shoes. Avoid large earrings and bracelets. Males should wear white or light colored shirts with a collar, dark background neckties, dark pants, dark socks, and dark shoes. No sneakers, tennis shoes, boots, sandals, or other such footwear will be allowed. All shirts are to be buttoned and collars worn inside the gown. No informal footwear will be permitted!

20 Graduation Tickets Each graduate will receive 10 graduation tickets.
Seniors will receive tickets on Wednesday, May 22 during rehearsals. All obligations must be fulfilled in order for Seniors to receive their tickets.

21 Handicapped Seating If your guests need handicapped seating and/or to be dropped off close to the pavilion, please submit a request to Mrs. Berzenski on the google doc by Thursday, May 16, 2013. The google doc address will go out on Reservoir topics on Friday, April 19, 2013 or Call Mrs. Berzenski at (410)

22 Graduation Pictures Candid Color is your official graduation photographer. Commemorate this special moment with a “Lifetime Achievement Photograph.” VISIT to VIEW and PURCHASE your graduation handshake and candid photos. Your School’s Login Code: RSVG13 (13 is numeric) Pre-register to be notified when your graduation images are posted.

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