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Timberline Youth Soccer Association TYSA Coaches Reference Book for Website Use Rev 2 August 2005.

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1 Timberline Youth Soccer Association TYSA Coaches Reference Book for Website Use Rev 2 August 2005

2 Login

3 Click Display Team Roster to get your team roster. The coach must fill in jersey numbers and submit. This step is required in order to print game reports. MAKE SURE POP-UP WINDOW BLOCKERS ARE DISABLED BEFORE PROCEEDING.

4 This icon allows you as the coach to print off your roster. This area of the roster is where you will enter your player jersey numbers. Once you have completed your entry, you will hit submit at the bottom of the roster page and the form may not be adjusted for the rest of the season, other than to enter jersey numbers for new adds to your roster. JERSEY NUMBERS MUST BE ENTERED TO GET GAME REPORTS.

5 The next step recommended to do is change your password. You have a default password of “Password” but you must change your password that is unique to you. If you lose the password, you will have to contact the Webmaster and have your password reset to the default password. To do this, you should click on The key as shown above and A popup box will appear. The box that you will see is shown here and all that is needed is for you to type in your old password and then enter your new one. You must confirm your new password and then HIT the submit button. You can change your password as many times as you wish. Just remember, if you give your password to another coach or member of your team that you tell them of the password change.

6 If you are taking your team out of South Texas, you will need a travel Document. You can click on the down arrow of the forms area which is circled below and a drop down menu will appear. Click on the one you want and hit the GET button and you will be given a travel document. This also applies to the medical release forms. These forms are in PDF format and can be printed.

7 Once you input and submit your players jersey numbers, you will be shown a game report button as shown here. This will allow you to print your first game report and only your first game report. If you play two days in a row, you will be shown and allowed to print off both game reports. This game report will be available to you up until game time of that particular game. After that, it will go away. And a “NEED” button under submit score will appear.

8 Shown here are sections of the game information sheet. As you can see, the computer inserts jersey numbers. REMEMBER coaches, you must sign the bottom of the game report along with the other coach before you submit the game sheet.

9 As you can see the NEED button under submit score is shown. This button shows that you need to submit your game score. This button will only be available for 48 hours from game time and then the button will go away. After that, the game information can not be submitted. Make sure that you submit your score within 48 hours After the end of your game.

10 This is where you enter your score for the game. Click on the boxes to submit yellow and red cards. Remember You must submit both teams cards and score.

11 Here you can see that yellow and Red cards have been given. Once you enter your score and enter all the cards that were given during the game, you must hit the submit button to send the game info. Remember, you must also send the official game sheet to the scorekeeper so the game can be certified. The game sheet must reach the scorekeeper no later than the Friday after the game.

12 If one of your player or you as a coach get a red card, you will See an ACTION button as shown here. You must click on the button and a popup screen will appear. You must click on the printer And you will be given a suspension Report form. ONCE YOU PRINT OFF THE PLAYER SUSPENSION FORM, YOU WILL BE ALLOWED TO GET YOUR NEXT GAME REPORT.

13 This is the form that you must take to the next game and have both the referee and the other manager sign. You must then send in the form along with your GAME SHEET to the TYSA scorekeeper.

14 To look at the Certified Standings, click the button. This will bring you to another screen that is shown below. Hit the down arrow and you will be given a list of age groups to choose from. Click on the age group you want to view and hit the display button. You will be taken to the standings page shown below. After you are done, hit the back button and you will be taken back to the coaches main screen page.

15 If you have a message waiting from someone in the association, you will see the message waiting light lit up. Just click on the light bulb and a message screen is shown. This is the screen that you will see when you click on the light bulb. It will display any message as well as tell you who has sent it. Once you are done reading the message, click on the delete button and the message will disappear. Close the window and the light bulb will go out.

16 If you want to know who you are playing and see the details of the game, just click on the game number and you will be shown the details. See the insert below. If you want to see a layout of the park that you will be playing in, you can click on the playing field section and a map of the park layout will come up along with the rainout number. If you want to reschedule a game, click on the Change Game icon and the Reschedule Request Screen will come up. The Change Game icon disappears one week prior to each game. Only online reschedule requests will be accepted. One reschedule allowed per team.

17 RESCHEDULE REQUESTS (One Reschedule per team.) Only online reschedule requests will be accepted. Requests must be submitted at least one week prior to the scheduled game This is the screen you will see when you request a game reschedule. BOTH coaches must agree to a reschedule before the request may be submitted. Complete all of the information. Select your first and second choice for reschedule date, field, & time from the field availability provided. Click the SUBMIT button.


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