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How to UseTennis Link USTA/ VA Tennis Feb, 2013 V 1.01 A Manilla.

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1 How to UseTennis Link USTA/ VA Tennis Feb, 2013 V 1.01 A Manilla

2 Access TennisLink Access USTA LEAGUE Access Do you have a USTA Account?

3 Returns screen below:

4 IF YOU HAVE NOT CREATED AN ACCOUNT, YOU MUST DO SO. THIS IS A ONE TIME REQUIREMENT. This process ‘merges’ your Membership information with your TennisLink information. TO CREATE Access CREATE ACCOUNT

5 Enter required fields andCONTINUE

6 Creating a USTA Account That’s All! Follow prompts and you are done. You can now ‘Log In’ and access new features

7 IF YOU ALREADY HAVE AN ACCOUNT Enter 1. email or membership # and 2. password 3. Click LOGIN

8 You’re there with all prior options and more!

9 How to Self Rate? Once logged in, click the self rate button in the middle of your screen. Answer a few questions about yourself and you will receive a NTRP rating.

10 To view your NTRP rating, enter 1.USTA Membership # 2. team # or 3. player name and click search.

11 The Year End Rating of this player is 4.0

12 To see how this player received this rating, look to the rating type and then at the key to rating type located at the bottom left of screen.

13 To Appeal your NTRP Rating, click on “Appeal Rating Level” in the upper right corner of your screen

14 Follow the steps to submit your appeal and then wait for your appeal to be processed.

15 How to Find a League?

16 Enter the zip code as well as selecting the distance you are willing to travel from the drop down menu

17 Once clicking find a league, you will arrive at this page with a list of local leagues currently available

18 How to Register for a team?

19 Enter the team #, or if you do not have a team #, click “Don’t have a team # ?”

20 If you do not have a team #, you will come to this page, select local league coordinators by state

21 Select the state in which you will be playing.

22 This will bring you to an area league coordinator’s contact list. These coordinators can help you find the team you are searching for in the as well as offering you additional information on all leagues offered in their area.

23 Team Management: Under My Quick Links

24 On this page you will see the list of teams you have registered for. You may also UPDATE your availability as well as view the lineup for a selected team. Player records are displayed on the lower right hand side.

25 In order to view information on a particular team, click on that team and you will find your captain’s information as well as the team roster

26 Using Leagues/ Championship Advance Search:

27 There will be the option to search: 1. Championships 2. Matches 3. Teams, Flights or Leagues 4. Players

28 To View a Team’s Roster: Fill in necessary information below and click Find Stats and Standings

29 Click 1. Team Summary 2. Match Summary 3. Match schedule 4. Player Roster or 5. Captain’s Report to look up any information on a team

30 To search for a player, enter 1. membership # 2. First and Last Name

31 This will show the player’s league records

32 Championship Search Fill in the information below. You will have the option to do a broad search or continue and enter the district and league you are associated with.

33 Search for Teams, Flights or Leagues Enter the team number below. If you do not have the team number, fill out the options below.

34 Once on this page, you can view Reports such as team standing by league, player count by league as well as team rosters. The team standing by league, will show both the wins and loses for the team as well as for individual players. The Player count by league will allow you to see how many players are registered in a given league.

35 How to Record a Score: On main Login page, click Record a Score under My Quick Links

36 Enter the Match #

37 You will arrive at this screen. Here you will be able to fill in the appropriate scores. ALL corrections to the score must be sent to USTA/ VA Tennis through the Area League Coordinator. Once a score is entered, a captain is not able to make changes to the score.

38 How to Print a Scorecard Click on League Advance Search

39 Use the search for Matches Options, enter Match # then click Search Stats and Standings

40 To print the scorecard, click Print Blank Scorecard

41 How to Access 2013 League Tennis Rules

42 Here you will find the current league rules as well as Q & As to help you have a better understanding of the rules

43 Still have questions? Contact the Virginia Tennis office at 540-982-5524 or email Bill Fitzgibbon at

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