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HOW TO SUBMIT A REVIEW International Journal of Eye Banking.

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1 HOW TO SUBMIT A REVIEW International Journal of Eye Banking

2 Reviewers Can be invited or can sign up at Required to complete a Reviewer’s Disclosure formReviewer’s Disclosure Can be an ophthalmologist or eye banker

3 Review Request Receive email review request containing  Manuscript abstract  Link to website  Due date Read abstract Get more information from the website Accept or decline request at journal website

4 Journal Website Go to New users register Returning users log in

5 Click Reviewer Reviewer activities are not available when you select another role such as Author or Reader

6 Active Submissions Click on article title to open the review page

7 Review Page The review page contains Article ID Abstract, The author is not identified.

8 View Metadata At the bottom of the abstract, click VIEW METADATA

9 View Metadata This page has additional information to help with your decision to review.  Keywords  Supporting Agencies  References Return to the Review Page

10 Review Page Observe the review schedule to ensure you are available during the time frame. Click on an envelope icon that indicates your willingness to review.

11 Email to the Editor A confirmation or refusal email message for you to send to the editor opens Add any comments you wish Scroll down and click Send Resume on the Review page

12 Review Page Review the guidelines Click on the manuscript and any supplementary files available to review. Save or print documents

13 Review Page Click on the callout icon in step 4 to access the review form. The review form is an online multiple choice and text box format. Click save when all are complete

14 Important In step 5 you have the option to upload any notes or revisions. Step 6 again asks if you recommend the manuscript.  Important click on Submit Review To Editor  This step completes the review process

15 Confirmation Click OK on the pop-up windowif you don’t wish to make any changes to your review

16 Email to Editor Notification email to editor opens Add any additional comments Click Send

17 Sign Up To Be a Reviewer Thank you!

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