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Salvete, omnes! What is Latin?

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1 Salvete, omnes! What is Latin?

2 Latin is an ancient language, several thousand years old, which was spoken by a people called the Romans.

3 So, who were the Romans?

4 50px-Retiarius%20stabs%20secutor%20(color).jpg Perhaps you are most familiar with the Romans from gladiatorial combats which they fought in …

5 …Arenas and Amphitheaters! The most famous arena was…

6 The Flavian Amphitheater, aka The Colosseum!

7 The Romans created the design for large arenas which we have copied.

8 Or you may recognize the famous chariot races! Chariot races were held in special arenas called…

9 Circuses

10$file/mPompe19.jpg But there is so much more to say about the Romans…

11 The Romans were accomplished architects and builders. Many of their structures still survive. Below is the aqueduct bridge in Segovia, Spain. What do you call the rounded parts of the bridge?

12 And here is the famous Pont du Gard in southern France.

13 Aqueducts brought clean water to cities for use as drinking water, and to feed private and public baths.

14 The emperor Caracalla built a public bath house that could accommodate over 3000 bathers!

15 The Romans built temples to their gods of mythology: Jupiter, Apollo, Juno, Vulcan, Mars, Minerva and Vesta.

16 Below is the Pantheon (“to all gods”) in Rome. Until recently it was the Largest domed building in the world. The Pantheon’s dome is a perfect half circle! And check out the interior…

17 Look at the marble flooring. And ask about the oculus!


19 Here is Apollo at his temple in Pompeii. Below is the Temple of Mars Ultor or “Mars the Avenger” built by the first emperor Augustus to honor his victory over the assassins of Julius Caesar, and Cleopatra and Marc Anthony.

20 They built many roads. Here is an ancient section of the Appian Way.



23 The Romans built the first shopping malls. Here are the ruins of the markets of Trajan in Rome. Where is the TCBY?ääsiäinen+192.JPG

24 Here is some money to do some shopping. Money is a Latin word. rroman_images/23736b.jpg

25 You could buy Roman jewelry at the market.

26 Roman_toga_20-30_CE_Glyptothek_Munich.jpg Or some new clothes for him… What do we call this article of clothing that Roman male citizens wore?

27 Roman women wore a stola instead of the toga, and would cover it with a palla.

28 Some art? Lots of great Roman art survives. Here are some wall paintings.



31 What kind of art work is this?

32 What kind of art is this ?

33 Over a million and a half tiles were used for this mosaic!

34 Here’s a famous doormat from Pompeii. Do you know what it says?

35 Bronze Statues

36 commons/4/43/Roman_woman_ Glyptothek_Munich_377.jpg Marbles!

37 Valete, omnes!

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