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What Influenced the Colonies Government? Objective 1.02.

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1 What Influenced the Colonies Government? Objective 1.02

2 Big Question If you started your own country, what are 3 laws you would write and enforce? Why? With a partner discuss the following question.

3 Do you recognize these words? legislation Bill of rights Declaration of independence governor Town hall meetings democracy constitution elections

4 Influence on the Colonies? EnglandWhere were the first settlers from? So, whose government do you think would influence the new colonies? England

5 In order to understand England’s influence we need to go back to the beginning.

6 Absolute Monarchy King Henry 1 Queen Elizabeth King William the Conqueror England was an absolute monarchy. This meant that their kings and queens had UNLIMITED power over the English people.

7 Meet King John 1215 The nobles rebelled against King John. They forced the king to sign an agreement called Magna Carta. This document protected the nobles and later gave rights to all English people. mean man

8 Road to a Glorious Revolution After a transfer of power to William and Mary there was a peaceful time called the Glorious Revolution. From this time on no ruler would have more power than Parliament. Parliament

9 1689 Parliament wrote the English Bill of Rights Free election to Parliament Right to a fair trial elimination of cruel and unusual punishments Bill of Rights…does this sound familiar?

10 Arrival

11 Road to Self Government House of Burgesses Salutary neglect Mayflower Compact Fundamental Order of Connecticut

12 Jamestown 1612 After the establishment of Jamestown the 1 st legislature was created. It was called the House of Burgesses. What is a Burgess? A citizen of an English town.

13 Mayflower Compact Pact to have a direct democracy. Town hall meetings Local town government Do you see evidence of this today?

14 Fundamental Orders of Connecticut 1639 In Connecticut the first constitution was written called the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut It stated: 1.That the assembly of elected representatives from each town to make laws. 2.There would be a popular election of a governor and judges

15 Salutary Neglect Separated by more than 3000 miles, Great Britain still had loose control over the colonies which they called salutary neglect. The colonies were self governing and taking care of their own problems while England was focused on problems in England.

16 Do you recognize these words? Fundamental Order of Connecticut House of Burgesses Salutary Neglect Mayflower Compact English Bill of Rights Absolute monarch Magna Carta Glorious Revolution

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