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Project by Kayla, Jessica, and Hayley

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1 Project by Kayla, Jessica, and Hayley
“The Lady, or the Tiger?” Project by Kayla, Jessica, and Hayley

2 Frank R. Stockton Birth:1834 Death: 1902
Career took off in 1867 when he published a short children’s story, “Ting-A-Ling”. It was recognized by a children’s magazine editor. He was offered a job at the magazine, St. Nicholas. Though Stockington published many novels, short stories, and nonfiction, and he is best known for “The Lady, of the Tiger?”

3 Vocabulary Impartial: adj: not favoring one side over the other; fair
Judges are to be impartial in their cases. Emanate: v: to come forth The girl emanated from the crowd. Dire: adj: dreadful; terrible Regretting their dire actions, the group confessed. Fervent: adj: having or showing great intensity of feelings; passionate He fervently expressed his stand on global warming. Novel: adj: new and unusual The new type of painting style is novel.

4 Theme Love The meaning is defined as “If you love them, set them free.” Basically, the story revolves around putting love to the test.

5 Story Elements Characters: the King, the Princess, the young man, the young lady, the tiger Setting: Olden times, Europe Basic Situation: The Princess and the young man fell in love and the king puts the young man on trial for loving his daughter. Internal Conflict: the Princess decides which door to have her lover open: to either have him killed or married to another woman. External Conflict: Person vs. Society: the young man is shunned by society and put on trial. Person vs. nature: the young man vs. the tiger.

6 Story Elements (continued)
Complications: the young lady the Princess is jealous of being behind the door Climax: When the Princess moved her hand to the right, signaling her lover to open the right door. Resolution: Either the Lady or the Tiger came through the door on the right. Protagonist: the Princess, the young man Antagonist: the King, the Princess, the tiger Static Characters: The King, Princess, young man, and tiger. Tone: Indecisive, mysterious Point of View: Third Person Omniscient

7 Literary Element: Conflict
Definition: A struggle between opposing forces In “The Lady, or the Tiger?”, there is person vs. self with the Princess. There is also person vs. society and person vs. nature with the young man.

8 Dig Deeper This story can connect to the reader because the story is about choosing what’s best and not falling into temptation or into what you want if it has a bad outcome for others. This relates because everyday people are making choices that affect other people. People shouldn’t go for what they want at that time not think of the consequences for their actions. They should think about what happens to others because of their actions, whatever they are.

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