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“The Lady, or the Tiger?” Frank R. Stockton.

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1 “The Lady, or the Tiger?” Frank R. Stockton

2 Meet Frank R. Stockton Born – 1834 Died – 1902 American Writer
Second only to Mark Twain Entire body of work (23 Volumes) Stories Novels Non-fiction

3 Launching a Career Father wanted him to be a doctor
Chose a career in wood engraving Popular form of illustration for stories & articles 1867 – Published “Ting-a-Ling” (children’s story) Employed by Mary Mapes Dodge Editor of St. Nicholas Children’s magazine Literary & realistic

4 The Story that Created a Stir
1878 – left magazine because of failing eyesight 1882 – “The Lady, or the Tiger?” Published in Century Magazine Later turned into an operetta, a play, a movie, and a recording Robert Browning Well-known poet Wrote a poem about the ending

5 Historical Background
“The Lady, or the Tiger?” Historical Background

6 Middle Ages in England An Ordeal Accused Accusers
Method of proving innocence or guilt Accused Physically tested Outcome = guilty or innocent Accusers Believed supernatural events controlled what happened

7 Literary Element Conflict

8 Two Types of Conflict External Internal
Main character vs. Outside force Another character, nature, society, or fate Internal Takes place within the mind of a character Torn between different courses of action

9 Reading Strategy Summarizing

10 Summarizing Stating only the main ideas of a selection in a logical sequence and in your own words A good summary includes: the main characters the setting the conflict important plot details the resolution

11 Pre-reading Vocabulary
Copy the following words on the same sheet as your notes! Then look up the definitions on page 13 of your textbook. These words will be tested on the test for “The Lady, or the Tiger?” test NOT your vocabulary quiz!

12 Vocabulary impartial adj. emanate v. dire adj. fervent adj. novel adj.

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