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The Lady, or the Tiger By Frank R. Stockton. Frank Stockton was considered by most a major literary figure in the United States at the height of his success.

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1 The Lady, or the Tiger By Frank R. Stockton

2 Frank Stockton was considered by most a major literary figure in the United States at the height of his success. Though he wrote enough to fill twenty-three volumes of stories, novels, and nonfiction, he is primarily known for one story: The Lady, or the Tiger? His early works were mainly written for children, and though he later left in 1878, he wrote numerous stories for the widely popular children’s magazine, St. Nicholas. In 1882, Stockton wrote the short story The Lady, or the Tiger? for Century Magazine. Connell’s story didn’t gain popularity until much later, but it was later the basis for an operetta, a play, a movie, and a recording. Poet Robert Browning even wrote a poem about the ending, and scholars continued to debate the issue.

3 Overall message or lesson of the story Sequence of events in a story Time and place a story occurs Person, animal, or thing in the story LITERARY IN ELEMENTS PLOT CHARACTER SETTING THE TIGER THEME

4 BEFORE READING Read the title of the story. Based on the title and the author’s biography, make a about what the plot is going to be about. prediction Which is the stronger emotion: love or jealousy?

5 Vocabulary to know Full or grief or sorrow To aim for ambitious goals Roundabout course Appreciative of beautiful things Passionately enthusiastic Courage or bravery Devotion or loyalty to something or someone Official order Sorrowful Mentioned, or spoken of, previously Obtain through particular care Very great, or extreme procure aspiring aesthetic devious allegiance doleful grievous valor fervid aforementione d incorruptible decree exuberant Not able to corrupt

6 A literary plot has five elements: Exposition Rising Action Climax Falling Action Resolution



9 Would you trust your life to a friend? Before you read the story, think about the following questions: Which is a stronger emotion—love or jealousy? How completely can one person ever know and understand another? The Lady, or The Tiger?— Frank Stockton

10 STORY BACKGROUND During the Middle Ages in England, guilt or innocence was decided through a practice known as an ordeal. An accused person was physically tested, and the outcome determined guilt or innocence. The accusers believed that supernatural forces controlled what happened. The plot of this story focuses on the emotions of one young princess and her semi- barbaric king. Most of the setting takes place in an amphitheater, much like the gladiators of Ancient Rome.

11 Why do the king’s subjects enjoy the life- or-death trial? The uncertainty is exciting. Why does a life-or-death trial appeal to the king? The king enjoys putting people at the mercy of a heartless and whimsical fate and uses this cruel spectacle to teach his subjects a lesson. AFTER YOU READ

12 (a) In the kingdom described in the story, what happens when a person is accused of a crime? (b) Why do the members of the community support this method? (a) The accused person must choose between two doors concealing either a tiger that will kill him or a woman who will marry him. Chance governs his choice. (b) They find the trials exciting and entertaining, as well as fair, since the accused made the choice.

13 AFTER YOU READ (a) What is the young man’s crime? (b) Why are his actions considered criminal? (a) Loving the king’s daughter (b) His low position in society made him an unworthy suitor.

14 AFTER YOU READ (a) What does the princess do when the young man is in the arena? (b) What motive does she have for sending him to his death, and what motive does she have for saving his life? (a) Gesture toward the right (b) Jealousy; true, unselfish love

15 AFTER YOU READ Why do you think the story ends with a question instead of an answer? To invite readers to ponder the conflict between love and jealousy.

16 AFTER YOU READ In what ways is the king’s justice similar to flipping a coin to decide an important question? In both cases, chance alone determines the outcome.

17 AFTER YOU READ Conflict Why is the princess’s internal conflict so central to the story? Her decision governs if the young man lives or dies. Your view of her will affect your choice of resolution. What conflicts does the young man have? Are his conflicts internal or external? Support your answers with details from the story. External: which door to open – possibly facing the tiger Internal: whether to believe the princess LITERARY ANALYSIS Literary Element

18 Reading After opinion Most stories end by telling the readers that happened, but this story lets the readers decide. What is your opinion of this type of ending? Explain. testof time Frank R. Stockton wrote enough literature to fill a twenty-three volume collection, yet “The Lady, or the Tiger?” remains his most famous work. In your opinion, why has this story stood the test of time?

19 The Lady, or the Tiger Extra Credit soundtrack decorated CD cover Create a soundtrack of the story The Lady, or the Tiger?. Include a decorated CD cover complete with song list (4 minimum). Make sure the songs reflect the characters, plot, or setting. (25 pts) alternate ending Write an alternate ending to the story while including a resolution to the major conflict (be sure to stay true to the characters !). (15 pts) sketch Draw and color a sketch of the amphitheater with the two covered doors. (15 pts)

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