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Story Elements 6th grade RELA.

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1 Story Elements 6th grade RELA

2 Setting where and when the story takes place

3 Characters people (animals) in the story

4 Protagonist the main character who deals with the problem

5 Antagonist the character who causes the problem

6 Point of View person telling the story
1st person: a character in the story tells the story 3rd person: the author acts as an observer and tells the story

7 Foreshadowing the use of clues by the author to prepare readers for events that will happen in the story

8 Plot the sequence of events in a story, novel, or play

9 Rising Action the part of a plot that adds complications to the problems in the story and increases reader interest

10 Climax The most exciting part of the story (turning point)
I wonder what’s going to happen?

11 Falling Action How the story wraps itself up
Goldilocks wakes up and sees the bears. She runs away.

12 Conflict the problem between opposing forces in the story man vs. man
man vs. nature man vs. society man vs. self

13 Symbol anything that stands for or represents something else; a concrete object that stands for an abstract idea

14 Mood the feeling created in the READER by a literary work or passage

15 Tone the WRITER’S attitude toward his or her audience and subject; can often be described by a single adjective; often referred to as attitude

16 Theme the main idea or message that the writer wants the reader to remember about the piece; a lesson about life

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