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Novo Nordisk Graduate Programme International Operations Business Graduate Presentation titleDate 1.

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1 Novo Nordisk Graduate Programme International Operations Business Graduate Presentation titleDate 1

2 PARVANEH SADEGHI Parvaneh is a laboratory technician in Research & Development in Novo Nordisk Denmark

3 Novo Nordisk at a glance Novo Nordisk is a global healthcare company with 92 years of innovation and leadership within: Diabetes care Insulin Injection devices Thanks to dedicated research into proteins, Novo Nordisk also holds leading positions within: Haemostasis management Growth hormone therapy Hormone replacement therapy

4 Employees by region in 75 countries More than 40,000 employees around the world 1. Includes headquarter functions, R&D, production sites and sales office.

5 Our global presence 3 strategic R&D centres China, Denmark, US 5 Strategic production sites Brazil, China, Denmark, France, US 5 Regional headquarters China, Japan (Japan & Korea), Switzerland (Europe and IO), US Global headquarters Denmark 75 affiliates Novo Nordisk markets its products in 180 countries worldwide

6 The diseases we help treat Novo Nordisk - Leader in diabetes care NovoSeven ® - a lifesaving factor Growth hormone therapy Hormone replacement therapy

7 A career in Novo Nordisk: Novo Nordisk Graduates Programmes

8 BALAT: (Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, CLAT and Mexico) BAAF: (Algeria, Middle Africa, and South Africa) BAGIE: (Egypt, India) BANE: (Turkey and Iran) BAOS: (Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines & Bangladesh) BACIS: (Russia) Novo Nordisk Graduate Programme: International Operations Business, Finance & P&O 2013/2014/2015 Background & Rationale: To balance diversity, availability of talents and focus on strategic & next six markets To broaden the Graduate process and associated employer branding activities across strategic & Next8 Countries

9 Why join the Graduate Programme in Novo Nordisk? Duration of two years Challenging tasks with high responsibility from day one! Extensive training and a steep learning curve Cross-functional projects 3 rotations in different geographical locations and different parts of the organisation: International orientation Focus on personal and professional development (mentorship) We trust that our graduates will develop into key people of our company

10 Graduate Programme Setup Intro to corporate life Hands-on learning Local experience to understand regional business priorities and to know affiliate challenges International Experience Insight & Responsibility Headquarter experience Participate in presentations and network activities with Corporate Graduates Experienced Professional Contribution Regional experience 3 rd rotation individually designed according to local vs. global business need at Graduate fit 3 x 8-months rotations Post graduate opportunities Post graduates After the Graduate Programme our Graduates are hired locally in positions like: Project coordinators/manager Internal consultants Specialists Analysts Etc. 1st rotation 2 nd rotation 3 rd rotation All Graduates at the International Operations Business Graduate Programme will go through the following three streams: Project Management, Marketing & Sales and Finance-related projects

11 The Graduate profiles Requirements Recent Master degree (max 1 year after master graduation) Finance, Marketing, HR Business related background Outstanding academic achievements Fluent in spoken and written English International experience and mindset / culturally adaptable Mobility Personal competencies: Drive Results oriented Ready for change Team player Proactive

12 Am I willing to challenge and be challenged? Some questions to think about… Am I interested in health topics and willing to learn about pharmaceutical products? Am I ready for changes and being outside my comfort zone? Am I willing to relocate and travel?

13 Visit our Graduate blog

14 Graduate site

15 Facebook & Twitter Novo Nordisk Graduates

16 Graduate recruitment process Important dates November --------------------- Campaign start 10 November Applications opens 24-25 March ------------------ Graduate Recruitment Centre in DK 1 February ----------------- Application deadline February ------------------ Interview & local assessment 2014 2015 -------------


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